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Dr. House
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Default Tragoedia vs. Skill Drain/Effect Veiler/Fiendish Chain

Trag gets hit by one of these. What happens to the attack/defense when I have X cards in my hand?

Also, can I activate Skill Drain during sub-step II of the Battle Phase (before damage calculation but after attack declaration)?

Thanks, bros.

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tragoedia ATK/DEF becomes 0.

damage calculation is within the damage step. you cannot activate Skill Drain inside the damage step. however you can activate it before the damage step.
We usually called the time frame between 'damage step' and 'attack declaration respond window' with just 'before the damage step'.

this might help
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If you're asking about after those effects wear off or aren't applied, then "Tragoedia" regains its ATK and DEF.
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