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Default Chaos Infinity and Summoner of Illusions

I have a set Summoner of Illusions and Chaos Infinity.

I activate Chaos infinity and flip Summon of Illusions face up. My understanding is that Summoner of Illusions can't activate until Chaos infinity finishes resolving.

So I resolve by summoning a meklord and then Summoner of Illusions activates and I can use the meklord that was summoned as tribute for Summoner's effect.

Am I correct or do I have to pay for Summoner's cost right when I flip it with Chaos infinity?

Also if the opponent has a set ryko his effect would be chain link 2 and my summoner would be chain link 1 yes? In this situation Summoner of Illusion would be Ryko's only viable target because the meklord has already been tributed off correct?
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You summon the Meklord.

Summoner of Illusions then starts a chain.

Link 1: Summoner of Illusions (tribute as cost)
Link 2: Ryko (select target)
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