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Default Dice Roll/Coin Flip Cards

So I'm working on a Billy deck which involves dice rolling and coin flipping but I can't seem to find the good ones.

Here's the Dice Rollers I've found
Dice Jar
Blind Destruction
Dangerous Machine Type-6 (Maybe?)
Dark Master - Zorc
Maximum Six
Snipe Hunter

Coin Flippers
Entire Arcana Force Lineup
Barrel/Blowback Dragon
Cup of Ace

All I've found that might be viable, any others?
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Second Coin Toss
Lucky Chance
Time Magician
At least I give cards a fair shake down unlike a portion of rude copycat netdecking posters around here.
My created cards.
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Twin-Barrel Dragon, Gatling Dragon, Time Wizard, Sand Gambler, Legendary Gambler, Abare Ushioni, etc...
Das Extremer Traurig Drachen: A Guide to Yubel III
Originally Posted by Scrap View Post
This guy. Puts Yubel in everything, but I like it!
Anyone interested in seeing a Yubel deck in action, challenge me on Devpro EU as Kelptic183.
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Fairy Box.

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Chaos Numbers hunted: 16
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Fiend Comedian, the single best "random" card in yugioh. In a deck like Flamvell or Lightsworn (or Flamesworn) it is impossible to "lose" the flip. You either mill alot of cards or RFG your opponents entire graveyard either way you win.
Bring back Fiber Jar 2011!!!
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Fairy Box
Noble Knights deck
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All Coin Toss cards:

Abare Ushioni
Arcana Force Archtype
B.E.S. Covered Core
Barrel Dragon
Blowback Dragon
Cup of Ace
Elemental Hero Chaos Neos
Fairy Box
Fiend Comedian
Gambler of Legend
Gatling Dragon
Goddess of Whim
Jirai Gumo
Lucky Chance
Prepare to Strike Back
Sand Gambler
Sasuke Samurai #4
Second Coin Toss
The Paths of Destiny
Time Wizard
Tour of Doom
Twin-Barrel Dragon

All Die Roll Cards:

Blind Destruction
Dangerous Machine Type-6
Dark Master - Zorc
Darkbishop Archfiend
Desrook Archfiend
Dice Jar
Dice Re-Roll
Dice Try!
Graceful Dice
Fire Darts
Infernalqueen Archfiend
Level Conversion Lab
Maximum Six
Morphtronic Celfon
Needle Wall
Roulette Barrel
Shadowknight Archfiend
Sixth Sense
Skull Archfiend of Lightning
Skull Dice
Snipe Hunter
Terrorking Archfiend
Vilepawn Archfiend
YuGiOh H/W List

Originally Posted by LadyKagome View Post
I honestly don't care what they reprint, especially if it pisses off Pojo's wannabe circle of vendors.
Originally Posted by RiderLeangle View Post
I think he means like pure E-Heros... Like Judai... Where they play Polymerization on their Avian + does it matter because you already failed for using Avian?
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