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Old 11-03-2010, 07:17 PM   #1
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Default Stealing cards

Let me start off by saying I have only been playing the game since June. When I first started there were always those guys who would never let anyone touch their cards...except for themselves.

I know today why people get that way.

Today I stopped by my local shop to burn a couple of hours after work. I played three matches with my Heralds and started packing up to go home. It was then I noticed a Kristya was missing. Now I know I should pay more attention and what not, but I was just amazed...whoever got it did it without me having any clue it was gone until it was too late. I literally have no idea who has it. All I know is I had three when I entered and two when I left.

What type of person would straight up steal a card from someone who is just there for fun you know? Its not like anyone there hates me or what not. I have no proof that any one person has it....just that its gone. Emptied my bag, my deck boxes...everything... I came home and went to ebay and bought another. GG 50 bucks out the window.

Has anyone else here had a card stolen from them?.....in my case...my most valuable one...
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Old 11-03-2010, 07:20 PM   #2
The Crowing
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They steal it to make a profit That 50 bucks you just spent on one? Well someone else probably just went and sold it for that or more, or they used it to augment their own deck.

Sorry man it happens, theres really nothing you can do about it, except be more careful.

Ya know what would be ironic? If that kristia you just bought was the one that was stolen from you. I know thats probably impossible, but it would be funny.
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Yeah , that would be funny..... Well if it wasn't happening to me. But yes I will be much more careful from now on.
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When I was like 14, I was to trusting. I left a tin of cards sitting on table while I talked to friends... the teacher let us use his classroom after school to play. I looked back and all the cards were missing. Luckily they were crappy cards, but still... that ticked me off.

Another time, my entire deck was stolen... just as a joke. ~.~ I chased them across the field before I gave up, since they were alot faster due to obviously being way taller then me, they then stopped and handed the deck back.
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A week ago Tuesday I played my Counter Fairy deck against an Antimeta type deck. We both had Thunder king Rai-ohs.
In game 3 he Monster Reborned mine and I did the same to his.

We both had white sleeves.

Anyway, I ran Sabers on Saturday so I did not look at my CF deck until Monday night. I was freaking as they were not the GLD3 ones that I run.

At locals on Tuesday he showed up and I asked him if he had,,,, and he smiled and said yes, He said his deck was running great with 4 until he realized it.

So I got it back.

Just posting to reflect there are some honest people playing the game also.

Sorry you lost your Kristya.
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These threads never work.
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