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Default Icarus Attack Ruling?

My opponent puts a face down Bora in defense mode and sets Icarus Attack. I set two face down traps, can he use Icarus Attack?
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Uh...sure, why not?
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Konami ruled that for cards that require a specific tribute, that tribute does not have to be face up when it's tributed
Chaos / Eclipse Dragons Official Guide and Discussion Thread

And oh yeah, you know those people you guys call "pros"? Magic actually has players that get payed to play the game. I think yugiohs a great game in a vacuum, it's just too bad it's produced by greedy exploitative *******s.
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If it was an effect, not a cost, to tribute a Winged Beast then it wouldn't work while face-down.

I mention this because of cards like Test Tiger which returns a Gladiator Beast to the deck as part of its effect, so it does not work on face-downs.
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