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Default When can I activate my trap card?

Can any of these cards be played between draw phase and mainphase 1?

Do I have to wait until my opponent plays a card so that i can chain?

Basically, at what point during my opponents turn can i legally activate a card like Trap Dustshoot, Mind Crush, or Hand destruction
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Any time except damage step.

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Cause when I play on the psp or YGO3 Online, It doesn't allow me or ask me if i want to activate these cards until my opponent does something first.

Also, I heard things like if my opponent has one card in hand, and i wait til their drawphase or standby phase or beginning of mainphase, I can't play it yet cause my opponent hasn't done anything that I can chain to yet.
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REading the priority article in the FAQ sticky will help you too.

Basically the turn player has priority at the start of every phase. Once he makes a move, you can repsond. He cannot advance to the next phase until he passes priority to you, at which point you can activate Mind Crush, etc.

(And as Kaiser said, the traps you listed cannot be activated in the damage phase.)
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In the game you have to hold down a button in order for you to activate something.

In the real life card game you can activate trap cards during any part of the duel as long as your opponent has passed priority.

Most people don't mention what phase they are going through and usually u can just say "before you draw phase ends I will active 'enter card name here'"
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No player says "pass priority" they just ask you any response? In some cases players dont even ask you that. However, with Trap Dustshoot/Mind Crush you can activate that card after your opponent draws, looks, then the draw phase has ended and it moves to standby phase, where you activate said cards.(or cards that only can be activated in the standby phase) Normal traps can be activated any time except during the damage step. Counter traps / Quick play spells have different rules, which im sure you can find on the site.
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the games are stupid like that
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the game lets you respond to draw phase, there is a setting to turn that off, maybe you did that
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I only ever plaed WC 2007. (I bought it for a Disc Commander)

Anyhoo, as I remember there is a function to "manually chain" where you have to hold a button down while stuff happens. Have you tried that?

Anyhoo, back on topic...

If you say "wait"... your opponent should let you activate something at that point. When Crush Card Virus was legal, a player would set it and summon Sangan, and set it off as soon as the opponent drew.

There are some cards that directly respond to drawing (such as Drop Off/ Drastic Drop Off), so there is no problem using them at that time.

Actually I remember once I activated Drastic Drop Off, but the card was in his hand before I could do so.
I was playing Counter-Fairies at the time, so he had a feeling that might happen. He then had trouble "remembering" which card he had drawn...

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