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Default Future Visions Vs. Necroface

I summon Necroface, returning all my RFG cards back to the deck
Future Visions activates, removing Necroface

A)Necroface activates first, then Future Visions?

Does Necroface cycle the cards back, get removed by Future Visions, remove 5 cards, and then come back the next standby phase?


B) Future Visions activates at the same time as Necroface?

Causing Necroface to be removed, but Necroface's cycling effect to activate and it's remove 5 effect all at the same time?

So if you had 10 removed from play before Necroface,
Summon Necroface + Future Visions activates
How many cards are returned back to the deck?
Just the 10 before Necroface? 15? or the 15+ Necroface gets returned to the deck?
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Return and then remove.
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Both effects will form a chain.

The order depend of who controls the cards. If the same player (you) controls both effects, then you choose the order of the chain links.

A) So if you place Necroface on chain link 1 and FV is chain link 2, then FV will resolve first and remove Necroface from play, and then Necroface's effect will resolve and shuffles all removed from play cards (including itself) to the Deck. And then Necroface's second effect is activated and both players remove the top 5 cards from their Decks.

B) If you place FV into chain link 1 and Necroface into chain link 2, then Necroface will resolve first, and returns all removed cards to the Deck, and then FV's effect resolves and removes Necroface from play. Then Necroface's second effect is activated and both players remove the top 5 cards from their Decks. And during your next Standby Phase, Necroface is returned to your field!

(the differense between those 2 is that in the first situation, Necroface is also returned to the Deck, but in the second, Necroface is not.

Now, if your opponent controls FV, then it is just like the first situation. Necroface is chain link 1, and FV is chain link 2.
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