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Default What do the numbers at the bottom right mean? #/#

What do these numbers mean? I am selling my brother's old Pokemon cards on Ebay. If this is a stupid question then lol sorry I have never even looked at these cards before.

Another question, how do you distinguish whether the cards are from booster packs, starter decks, or theme decks? How do you know what edition they are?? These pokemon confuse me.
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If it says ksd and then a # it means it's the Kaiba starter deck. The # is how the upper deck company keeps track of which is which.
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#/# that is the cards set number. if it has 25/65 its the 25th card out of a 65 card set.

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Blues Eyes, you are terribly confused. This is a Pokemon forum, the guy asked a Pokemon question. Please double check. A Yu-Gi-Oh nickname doesn't mean he only sticks to Yu-Gi-Oh forums.

The numbers at the bottom refer to the card numbr of its set.

For example: 34/95. The means the card is numberd 34 from a set of 95 cards. Usually there is no problem with the numbers, but some were misprinted, and can worth more than the normal ones. Look out for them, but the chances are very slim.

Cards from theme decks or starter decks are no different from the cards you pull from booster packs; with a few exceptions. They are Team Aqua's Kyogre and Team Magma's Groudon from the teams' them decks; there are just regular rares instead of rare holos. Otherwise the prints are the same.

Old cards...

If the card is a first edition card, there is a "Edition 1" logo at the left, below the illustration. The symbol on the right shows the set it is from; each set has a unique symbol, you can match for sets when you look for scans online.
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