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Ehero Dragon Cannon
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Default Crystal-Sworn - Another Lightsworn OTK deck

3x Rainbow Dragon
3x CB Sapphire Pegasus
1x CB Topaz Tiger
1x CB Amber Mammoth
1x CB Ruby Carbuncle
1x CB Emerald Tortoise
1x CB Amethyst Cat
1x CB Cobalt Eagle
2x Ryko, LS Hunter
3x Lyla, LS Sorceress
2x Lumina, LS Summoner
2x Garoth, LS Warrior
1x Morphing Jar
2x Summoner Monk

2x Solar Recharge
3x Charge of the Light Brigade
2x Foolish Burial
2x Monster Reincarnation
1x Monster Reborn
1x Heavy Storm
2x Crystal Release

3x Threatening Roar

I wana try some how to fit in JD as dropping JD then Rainbow dragon is just Killer! But I'd have to add more LS monsters for that and I'm not sure what to cut to keep getting all the CB monsters into the grave.

All help Welcome!
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