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Default Flip effect monster destroyed by a card effect?

Quick question: will a face-down flip effect monster be flipped face-up when destroyed by a card effect (i.e. Granmarg, Zaborg, torrential tribute, ryko, etc.)? Will the flip effect activate?

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In most cases, the effect will simply destroy the monster while it is still face-down.

Also, note that Offerings can't destroy face-down monsters.
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If the monster is not flipped, it's effect will not activate. None of the cards you listed will trigger flip effects.
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No. They aren't forced to flip face-up.

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I'd like to expand on what the other are saying, because I used to question this myself.

When a monster with a flip effect, lets say Mask Of Darkness exists face-down on the field... It needs to be "flipped face-up" before leaving the field in order to have its flip effect activated.

This means that when Mask Of Darkness is destroyed, removed, sent, returned, or otherwise moved off the field while existing face-down... That monster is not considered to be "flipped face-up" unless a card such as Acid Trap Hole specifically says that it is. Your examples of Granmarg, Zaborg, Torrential Tribute, & Ryko do not tell you to flip the monsters face-up, so they are not "flipped face-up".

If you're thinking this doesn't make any sense because your graveyard is always face-up, and that your monster such as Mask Of Darkness must be flipped in order to go there... Refer to my sentence about being flipped "before" leaving the field. If we wanna get even more exact, the word "flipped" is a technical term for Yugioh that shouldn't be confused with what happens to cards when they are visibly placed in the graveyard or "removed from game" location.

Again, I know this has already been answered by three credible people... But I just wanted to include the explanation that helped me understand what being "flipped" meant.
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