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Default Debris Dragon Dandylion Ruling

Lets say I normal summon Debris Dragon, and I use his effect to special summon Dandylion from the graveyard. Then I synchro summon a level 7 synchro monster using Dandylion and Debris Dragon, does Debris Dragon's effect negate the effect of Dandylion's effect to special summon two fluff tokens when sent to the graveyard? If anyone could answer, that'd be awesome!
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The Shodaime
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Dandylion's effect will resolve as normal.
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why does dandy still resolve
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Because it's no longer negated? o_o
Dandylion activates its effect in the Graveyard, where Debris Dragon's "negation condition" can't be applied to it anymore.
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Never doubt.

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Note that Debris only negates effects that activate on the Field.

Dandylion activates on the Graveyard.

Just to avoid the eternal argument of where the Card is when it resolves >_>
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thats the same ruling as junk synchron, it negates the monster as long as its on the field
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Tri Fox
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Dandylion activates in the Graveyard so it won't be negated by Debris Dragon.

If Dandylion's effect activated on the field, it would be negated.
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I just asked this question, and it's freaken 6 POSTS BELOW. Sorry. >_>;;


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