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Susa Soldier
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Default UB / Adventure time!

So, I'm like, totally new to peasant magic, although, I've had this deck for like, a year I think, but never really used it, and yesterday I thought, why the *beep* don't I post it on, you know, Pojo. (that's right here, on these boards here, YEAH!)
I have played with it, but that was a REALLY long time ago, so I don't know anymore if it's any good, but I just like it plus it's full of cards that I just beeping <3's!, anyway, here goes nothing.

Land (22)

4 Dimir Aqueduct
6 Swamp
12 Island

Creatures (28)

4 Cloud of Faeries (me <3 this card ^^)
4 Looter il-Kor (I know a guy by the name Kor xD)
4 Ravenous Rats (nom nom nom, gonna eatz yer cardz + me <3 this card)
4 Dimir Infiltrator (got nuttin' special to say 'bout dis guy heer)
3 Mistblade Shinobi (same here, to misty...got it? Misty? teehee, sometimes I just crack myself up =/)
4 Ninja of the Deep Hours (and again, me <3 this card, they remind me of the Easterlings in LotR, so I changed their name to "Easterling" with a permanent marker =/)
3 Dimir Guildmage UNC! (owh, nom nom nom, me gonna eatz yer cards too... or me iz gonna feedz teh mastor)
2 Shriekmaw UNC! (ZOMG! Terror in creature form, with a decent body and evasion...yes please!)

Spells (10)

3 Writ of Passage (or, with Misty/Easterling, Writ of Ownage =/)
4 Last Gasp (again, me <3 this card)
3 Repeal (o dear, yet again, me <3 this card)

Discuss...or not, comments are ok too.

p.s. TO THE MAX!

Additional Comment:

I was a bit drunk, when I posted the deck. That's why it's got all these colours and stuff... =/
UB Peasant

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