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Default 10-18 Fossil Tusker

Card Name: Fossil Tusker
Card Number: TAEV-EN086

Fossil Tusker
Level 4
ATK/1800 DEF/0
When this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard, inflict 400 damage to your opponent.
TBD/Ultimate Rare

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.13
Advanced: 1.13

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 = average. 5 is the highest rating.
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Old 10-09-2007, 03:29 PM   #2
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Believe it or not I like this card. It has 1800 ATK which is pretty good and then on top of that it inflicts 400 damage to your opponent's lifepoints each time it destroys a monster.400 points may not seem like much, but it will run over many monsters with it's large ATK. Decent, but not great.


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Default Fossil Tusker

It is basically a beatstick that will do 400 points of damage when it destroys a monster. I'm not really a fan of this card because it can be easily destroyed in some ways. Bottomless, Smashing Ground, Fissure, Brain Control, Book of Moon, Sakuretsu Armor, and a few other things can stop this card in its tracks. Not to mention Gravekepper Spy's and Cyber Dragons are sstill being played now. 400 damage is good, but not enough to change the current game. If it was 800 or more I would start to like this card, but most of the time people want their Mystic Tomatos and Apprentice Magicians to be attacked to get their search to be ready for their Monarch they will search. I would still play Spear Dragon over this because of a little more damage and it has the same risks as Fossil Tusker to be destroyed.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5
Art: 1.5/5
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Not really a good card, not really a bad card...it's meh-tacular. 1800 attack is respectable enough, and burn effect for destroying monsters is good, but it's only 400 points. Had that been 600 or 800 and had this guy had trample, we might have had one hell of a card. However, it isn't, and we don't. I just don't like this card, and I don't believe the environment likes it.


1.5/5 all

2/5 Art
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Not a great card....not a bad card either. A 4 star 1800 monster that does 400 when it destroys a monster. Obviously, that isn't bad....but without a higher attack and/or piercing I can't see this card going anywhere....

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5
Art: 2/5

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Interesting: feels like a zombie, plays like a rock. =P

I think I just referenced an old women's shoes commercial. @_@

I like this card, but I like it when any of Types that I feel are neglected gets a non-broken but playable addition. Goofing off with WC 2007 for the DS, I am currently using a mono-Rock deck. Of course there it is a passable deck: it wins some, it loses some. No, I can't test against anyone in real life and I realize here it'd just be a "fun" deck that gets plastered. Aside from the normal problems that plague the whole game, one specific problem with Rock Monsters was the lack of good beatsticks. I mean, before now your choices were Beta the Magnet Warrior, The Rock Spirit, and Gigantes. While all are level 4, Beta is a mere 1700 ATK vanilla, so that isn't much good. The Rock Spirit is also 1700 ATK, and it gets an extra 300 ATK when being attacked... falling just short of Cyber Dragon (our 2100 ATK pseudo-Level 4). It is Special Summon only, and the initial cost is removing an Earth Monster from the Graveyard. Gigantes is 1900 with the same cost, but when killed in battle, it nukes all Spell/Traps in play (a mixed blessing: Rock Monsters like S/T support in play). Considering you want to keep a decent amount of Monsters in your graveyard (for Megarock Dragon), an 1800 you can normal summon is a nice addition. The DEF is 0, with only one other Rock Monster that low. It's a risk but oh well. The effect is less important than the attack, since I am just getting back to it. Far from great, the strategy (doomed to failure in the modern YGO game and just getting worse the farther back you go) Rock Monsters seemed built for is wearing the opponent's LP down slowly before a big swing. Big swings usually being Megarock Dragon induced. So the burn is on theme and it is better than nothing since a vanilla Rock deck is even crazier than a Rock deck.

Rock has only three specific themed cards worth mentioning: Megarock Dragon (Special Summon only, remove as many Rock Monsters from your Graveyard as you want, it gets that much ATK/DEF x 700), Canyon (Battle Damage from crashing into DEF position Rock Monsters is doubled), and Rock Bombardment (send a Rock monster from your deck to the Graveyard for 500 damage to the opponent). The first is a must as a huge swing move and the last is strongly recommended (there are several tricks to get the discarded Monster out of the Graveyard, so it is really a search card: the burn is just a nice extra). I am warming up to Canyon: at first I loved it, then I got annoyed when I realized that I averaged more reflected damage from running Chorus of Sanctuary, but now that we have Shrink in our area, it once again has good damage potential. For example, Cyber Dragon attacks a set Moai Interceptor Cannons. You Shrink, and not only do you live, but the opponent takes 1900 damage. You're down a Shrink, but you still have a Monster for Tribute Fodder (or to block a second attacker, etc.) and 1900 damage is nothing to scoff at.

Oh, and since most Rock Monsters are Earth, it is good that this is Earth as well: I always liked Spiritual Earth Art - Kurogane, and as mentioned above, the only other good beatsticks are special summon first Monsters, and the requirement is removing an Earth Monster from the discard.

Interestingly enough there are several solid choices for Rock decks like Granmarg (free Shield Crush or Nobleman of Extermination less the remove-from-play aspect), and Guardian Sphinx for a mass bounce. You also have Return From the Different Dimension for flooding your field with those you removed for other costs. That is extra nice when you returned a Monster you can flip face down is Returned, like the aforementioned Sphinx, or return to the hand, like Neo-Spacian Grand Mole. Just for fun, I'll mention my favorite way to beat the computer in WC 2007: having it crash into Stone Statue of the Aztec when I have at least one other big DEF Monster face-up and Unity ready to Activate. I know, a) you can also use Canyon so any Rock Monster does the same trick and b) either way that is so unlikely. I said it was just for fun.

You know my normal theory: this would be pretty good if such a deck were viable, and that needs assorted changes to the metagame: less easy removal (Monster and S/T) and more evenly distributed theme support. As is, it'd be sub par in a burn deck (better burn beatsticks exist) unless there's a Rock Burner I missed.


Traditional: 1/5

Advanced: 2/5
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The issue with the rock theme is that it has lacked any kind of beat-stick. A bunch of 2000 defensive walls does little to an opponent who is setting up field presence via zombie/monarchs. This is a step in the in the right direction. It allows the rock player a way to force field exchanges while also providing a decent sized monster for Return From the Different Dimension to bring back from the remove from play pile.

5/5 in a rock deck
1/5 in anything else
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