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Default 10-11 Abyssal Kingshark - TAEV-EN084

Card Name: Abyssal Kingshark
Car Number: TAEV-EN084

Abyssal Kingshark

Level 4
1700 atk 500 def

Once per turn, if this card would be destroyed by an effect that does not target it, it is not destroyed.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.40
Advanced: 2.20

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 = average. 5 is the highest rating.
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Default Abyssal Kingshark

This new Secret Fish will not be destroyed by card effects that don't target. You could summon him and activate Torrential Tribute to clear the field of all monsters and still have a monster around afterward. Smashing Ground won't do anything the first time around. Also when you are going offensive attacking Mirror Force or Widespread Ruin will save him from being destroyed.

Normal Trap Hole will destroy him, but Bottomless Trap Hole will not because Bottomless Trap Hole can hit more than one monster. When your opponent plays Return from the Different Dimension and they special summon two monarchs, you are able to respond with BTH and knock those two monarchs. In the game right now monsters like being destroyed by battle or attacked. People have Sangan, GK Spies, Tomatos, Fear Mongers, and Pyramid Turtles that can take a hit and are able to search for something useful, but when going for a direct attack the only thing to watch out for is Book of Moon and Sakuretsu Armor, other than that you'll be attacking with 1700 point and that is good, but not great ATK.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2.5/5
Art: 3
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Our Water friend is a Secret Rare card, which I feel is necessary to point out in this review. 1700 attack is respectable for a Level 4 monster. It isn't the best, but it sure could be worse. So, as stated, this card can't be destroyed by an effect that doesn't target. Two major cards come to mind here...Bottomless Trap Hole and Torrential Tribute. Namely the first of the two. Bottomless Trap Hole is an excellent counter to nearly every monster in the game, but not here.


1.5/5 Traditional
2.5/5 Advanced

3.5/5 Art
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It's a decent card. It's just not playable in anything, but a water/fish deck.
It would probably be more usefull in a more trap based format. Wildhearts and etc are just more playable in aggro more than this. When fish get more support, they may do really well. I've seen a Fish monarch t8 my last regs, so it can't be that bad. It's arleady seeing some play. The attack of 1700 is an alright attack power, and it's effect is really decent being able to avoid a bottom, mirror, smash, and etc.

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Well, this guy takes the cake as THE most useless Secret Rare in TAEV. He has 1700 ATK which is good, WATER attribute is also good, but if thoise were enough we would see Gagagigo everywhere. His effect just keeps him from getting destroyed by an effect that does not target, like Fissure, Smashing Ground, Mirror Force and Lightning Vortex. He could be good tech, but sadly, Fish are just not that supported adn Smahsing Ground and Fissure are as good as gone, so he stays in the look pretty in the binder section.


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