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Default 10-8 Crystal Beacon - FOTB-EN032

Card Name: Crystal Beacon
Car Number: FOTB–EN032

[Spell Card]
If there are 2 or more "Crystal Beast" cards in your Spell & Trap Card Zone, Special Summon 1 "Crystal Beast" monster from your Deck.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.00
Advanced: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 = average. 5 is the highest rating.
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Default Otaku's CotD Essay

Crystal Beacon is a normal Spell card. This tends to be "average": Normal Spells base mechanics make them less potent than Quick-Play Spells due to Spell Speed. Normal Spells are considered better than the remaining four categories of Spell Card because three (Continuous, Equip, and Field) are so vulnerable to the excess of overpowered (or under priced) removal. I mean, Heavy Storm has been laughing at those three for years, rendering all but the most "broken" all but unplayable. The last category, Ritual, belongs to one of the many underutilized game mechanics of Yu-Gi-Oh. Unfortunately, Yu-Gi-Oh is still a game where "average" cards are often overcrowded by those far beyond, so this actually hurts it: Quick-Play status would give you the option to bait out a removal card.

The actual effect seems passable. If you have at least two Crystal Beast cards in your Spell/Trap Zones, then you can Special summon a Crystal Beast monster from your deck. So assuming you can meet the initial requirement, this acts as a variable copy of any Crystal Beast. Well, not Rainbow Dragon: that doesn't have Crystal Beast in its name, and even if it did, it states it can only be Special Summoned via its own effect, from your hand. So the best you can do ATK wise is 1800 (Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus)and the best you can do DEF wise is 2000 (Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise). Oh, and it is obviously a dead draw if all your Crystal Beast Monsters are out of the deck.

The final draw back is that not only do you need the two Crystal Beast cards in your Spell/Trap Zone (as opposed to in play), but if one or both should die before resolution of the Spell, it fizzles. So a Mystical Space Typhoon can effectively negate this card, at least if you only had the minimum two.

All that being said, Crystal Beacon most certainly earns a slot in Crystal Beast decks. As stated, it acts as a variable copy of any of the Crystal Beast Monsters while thinning your deck, and can actually make some of the weaker Monsters worthwhile. Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle should net you at least two Monsters of "advantage" when you use this card (barring the drawback listed above), and as many as four. Even if they are the weakest of the Crystal Beast Monsters, they'd be Tribute Fodder and a barrier to your LP. I mean, who wants to burn a Smashing Ground or Exiled Force on a Crystal Beast?

Lastly, let me say that there is a small downside to this kind of themed support... space. I strongly feel that the minimum deck size for Yu-Gi-Oh needs to be increased: we have a minimum of 40 cards and so many decks must adhere to it or risk loosing needed "speed". This for a game with no cards that exist purely to pay cost, like mana cards in Magic: The Gathering or Energy cards in Pokemon. Those games use 60 card decks with usually a fourth to a third dedicated to such "resource" cards. So drawing two cards in Yu-Gi-Oh is akin to drawing three cards in those games (well, roughly). All this means when you do have anything but the most generic, high utility cards, it becomes a huge risk to run: one "dead draw" not only can cost you the game, but rarely doesn't amongst the top players. So... while the game needs groovy theme support to finally diversify and become a fully realized Trading Card Game, there's usually no room for them in decks. I count six other Crystal Beast support cards, and I know I won't have any possible recent additions included in that. So a Crystal Beast deck averaging one of each card would still have 15 cards dedicated to the theme, and realistically it'd be at least half a deck (20 cards). And topping all that off is we really need just a few more bits of worthwhile support for the theme...

Ratings (in themed deck, of course)

Traditional: 1/5

Advanced: 3.25/5
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Default Crystal Beacon

So to make this card work you have to have at least two Crystal Beast monsters in the Spell or Trap Zone. If you have those there you can search your deck for a Crystal Beast monster and special summon it to the field. This will pretty much mean that the opponent is searching out Saphire Pegasus to put another Crystal Beast in the Spell or Trap Zone. If not then the only other thing I could see being summoned is Topaz Tiger to help get over a Hydrogeddon or maybe a Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer.

This is best used in a Ancient City Deck, where you could search out Pegasus and add more protection and effects with more Crystal Beasts on the field. This is a good card for Crsytal Beasts especially with deck thinning and searching.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 3/5
Art: 2.5/5
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A normal Magic card, huh? Well, this isn't a bad one. It requires two Crystal Beasts be on your Field, more specifically, in your Magic and Trap zone, and then you can Special Summon a Crystal Beast. Odds are, people will probably summon a Sapphire Pegasus, but it could be different depending on the situation. It's a very easy effect to pull off, and it's good to be able to Special Summon something.


1/5 Traditional...I don't think Crystal Beast could compete here, prove me wrong.

3.25/5 Advanced...Adds Draw Power, Field Presence, and Deck Thinning. Good card for the Ancient City Crystal Beast deck.
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Not much to say about this. Rainbow Ruins is great with it and it is often seen in Crystal Beast decks because of it's ability to load up your spell and trap card zone with "crystalized" monsters. This lets you draw a card for Ruins as wella splay that all important Crystal Abundance and even getting the last Crystal Beast needed for Rainbow Dragon. Thus it is pretty much a staple in the Crystal Beast deck.

Advanced-5/5 (if you use this with no crystal beasts, well then that is just not a great idea...)

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