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Default 10-2 IL Blud - TAEV-EN088

Card Name: Il Blud
Car Number: TAEV-EN088

Il Blud
DARK/Zombie - Gemini/6/2100/800
This card is treated as a Normal Monster while face-up on the field or in the Graveyard. While this card is face-up on the field, you can Normal Summon it to have it be treated as an Effect Monster with this effect:
•Once per turn, you can Special Summon a Zombie-type monster from your hand or either player's Graveyard. When this card is removed from the field, destroy all Zombie-type monsters Special Summoned by this effect.
Secret Rare

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.40
Advanced: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 = average. 5 is the highest rating.
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IL Bud is a very nice monster and a good addition to a Zombie Deck, despite being a Gemini monster. It is Level 6, and only has 2100 attack points, which isn't the best of things, and neither is only having 800 defense. The ability to Special Summon a Zombie from your Hand or either player's Graveyard, even once per turn, is a good effect, as long as you have the necessary monster to summon (eg, something worth summoning.) The biggest downfall here isn't being a Gemini, it's the non standard 2400 attack for a one tribute monster.


Traditional: 1.5/5 Not much room for Zombies, or Gemini's

Advanced: 3.4/5 A bit better than average, and despite being a Gemini, only really hindered by the 2100 attack.

Art: 4.5/5 Freaky
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Hello, $150!

This card, along with Zombie Master, is the big push that Zombies needed to become Tier 1, and the Shonen Jump Championship Top 16s as of late show it.

Il Blud does quite a bit for the deck:

*800 DEF = Pyramid Turtle target. You actually WANT that low DEF score in your good Zombies, as P-Turtle is arguably the most powerful search monster in the game.

*Graveyard Special Summoning (once Second Summoned) is worth giving up a normal Summon for, once you combine it with Card of Safe Return, for the free draw. And with so many other people playing Zombies, you can possibly rob them of THEIR revival targets -- or, if nothing else, use your opponent's own Spirit Reaper against them. Remember the good old days where Spirit Reaper was legal in threes and you could get two out and cause massive discarding? You've got a shot at reliving that, at least partially, with Il Blud.

*Special Summoning from the hand isn't all THAT great as there's no draw attached to it, but if you get stuck with your Kokkis in hand, it's one possibly way to get rid of them.

Granted, it won't be attacking over a Monarch, and it only kamikazes with Cyber Dragon, it's a nice piece of the new-age Zombie deck. The only problem with it is that it's so hard to find, and people that want them are paying about as much for an Il Blud as they would for a brand new PSP.

Score: $150/5...well, actually 4/5. The shenanigans that the Zombie deck pulls off CAN be done with just a set of Zombie Masters and the appropriate support, but if you have an Il Blud, there's no reason not to play it.
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Lonely Wolf
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How many packs have I seen opened in attempt to nab this elusive card? TOO MANY. The only one pulled was by the store owner, and the very first pack at that!

Anyway, this card is a beastly monster for Zombies. A one tribute 2100 attack/800 defense monster. So, while it won't win against Monarchs and can only tie Cyber Dragon, it more than makes up for it with its effect. Special summon a Zombie monster from either player's grave or your hand. Combine with Zombie Masters, Book of Lifes, and Card of Safe Return and you will be drawing this card like CRAZY. A quick Creature Swap or Smashing Ground and all of a sudden your opponent is getting rushed!!!

But, HEY, wait a second? This card is a Gemini, I've got to summon him twice. Isn't that a bad thing?!?!?!?! Not so much here. Did ya notice that 800 defense? That screams Pyramid Turtle, just like all the other currently played Zombies. And, again, Il Blud is a Zombie. So, Zombie Master and Book of Life can revive him as well. You should NOT have any trouble second summoning this guy. The 2100 attack is the only thing that really hurts this guy.

He may not be a necessity for a Zombie deck as Zombie Masters are certainly enough, with proper support, to make the deck run, but if you have an Il Blud, you'd be wise to include it!!!

Traditional: 2/5 Zombies....here?
Advanced: 4/5 (For Zombie Decks)
Art: 4.5/5 Freaky.......

Uber props to Tisi for the sig! Awesome man!!!
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Mr. Random
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Default Il Blud

The new Card Trooper of this format where $70 isn't even close. Double that and your getting closer to the price of today's card review. He is a 2100 ATK Zombie and he is also a Gemini Monster. The big thing about this card is the special summon abiltiy for Zombies. Start off by having one of your Pyrnamid Turtles being destroyed by your opponent's monster. Then you sure for your Il Blud and then next turn you could use Gemini Summon and special summon a Zombie from your hand or either player's graveyard. The first part is like Zombie Master's ablilty for special summoning from either graveyard, but without the cost.

The other part is you could special summon a Zombie from your hand. If your hand is full of Vampire Lords or Ryu Kokki Il Blud brings them out by his effect. Blud's effect doesn't need a discard, but the downside is once he is off the field any Zombie Special Summoned by his effect are destroyed. I think the downside outweighs the upside of this card. If you can get free shots in that is good, but if your opponent has D.D. Warrior, Lady, or Assialant set the player will be down cards unless they have used Card of Safe Reutrn about 5 times already. Bottomless Trap Hole has always been any Zombie's least favorite card. Also Compulsory Evacuation Device isn't a bad choice either when trying to get rid of Il Blud.

Its Dark so it can be tributed off for DDV for getting rid of walls like Reaper and Marshmallon. He is a Zombie and they have many cards that can get them on the field pretty quickly. 2100 ATK means it'll be tied with Cyber Dragon and have a double knockout. All monarchs can get over Il Blud and plus if their effects go off the opponent will be going to the offensive. Raiza is the monarch best against Il Blud to send him back on top to remove him and all his friends off the field and plus a horrible tribute for the next draw.

People may have top 8ed regionals and SJC with them, but the other people didn't really have the right tools. Il Blud isn't unstoppable, but it is agressive enough to be competitve in this format. If you have one try it out at a regional with abuild similar to others that have done well with it. After you top 8 your (if you do) go sell him quick before it meets a worse fate than Card Trooper.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 3/5
Art: 3/5
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This is THE chase card in Yu-Gi-Oh! right now. Zombies have always been pretty good, but lacked decent ATK monsters other than Ryu Kokki. Now we have both Zombie Master and Il Blud. Oh wait, they can Special Summon monsters too! OMG make a deck! Well IMO Il Blud is an overblown corpse. His effect rarely goes off, but it is his ATK that makes the difference. He suicides with Cyber Dragon, making the metal menace scrapmetal, and zombies don't even really care whether their own monsters are int eh grave so there you have it. If another 2100 ATK Zombie comes out soon, I expect Il blud to be dropped like a rock. He is a good card, and if you get his effect to go off, he is amazing, but a little too situational fo rmy taste.


OMG Il Blud goes for over $100!

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