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Default 9-25 - Tornado - FOTB-EN038

Card Name: Tornado
Car Number: FOTB-EN038

Card Type: Quick Play Spell
Effect: Activate only when there are 3 or more cards in your opponent's Spell & Trap Card Zone. Destroy 1 card in your opponent's Spell & Trap Card Zone.
Rarity: Common

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.00
Advanced: 1.10

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 = average. 5 is the highest rating.
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Card Type: Quick Play Spell
Effect: Activate only when there are 3 or more cards in your opponent's Spell & Trap Card Zone. Destroy 1 card in your opponent's Spell & Trap Card Zone.

This card is really situational. This card should never be main decked unless burn took over. This card could be side decked, but there are so many better options agianst burn such as jinzo, des wombat, royal decree, and dust tornado which is seeing a lot of play. This card is just not worth playing.

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Can you say situational?

The only time ANYONE, other than burn I suppose, should have more than 2 Spell/Traps set is when Heavy Storm has already been used or if they have nothing to fear from setting too many cards because they have Solemn Judgment(s) down or what-not.

This card is a horrible draw in the early game as a good player won't set that many cards that early. And it's a horrible draw late game too as people usually won't have that many cards left.

It's only half-decent during the mid-game at best, and I don't see that as worth it.

If you want to protect yourself against your opponent's S/Ts, play MST, Heavy Storm, Dust Tornado, Mobius, Jinzo, Royal Decree, or even Nobleman of Extermination before you consider this card....

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5
Art: 1.5/5

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Mystical Space Typhon > Twister > Tornado

It's as simple as that, even Dust Tornado is considerably better than this. You can only use Tornado when your opponent has three or more Magic and Trap cards on the Field. Then, you can destroy one. Odds are, your opponent will never have that many Magic or Trap cards on the Field as there are too many cards to destroy or negate them. Such cards obviously being MST, Jinzo, Royal Decree, Monarchs, Heavy Storm and the like. Not a good card, stick with the above.



Art: 2/5
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Tornado is the new underwhelming Quick-Play Spell, inferior to Mystical Space Typhoon, Twister, and Dust Tornado. Looking at Normal Spells, I'd also put it below Nobleman of Extermination

However, while it is useless right now, it does serve a purpose. YGO is so unbalanced right now its not even funny. There is very little in the way of built in costs to YGO's core game design, unlike say mana in M:tG or Energy in Pokemon. One can easily design cards with reasonable costs... except the most logical costing option is to base it off of what cards you have in play. And this game has an obscene amount of removal and mass negation.

If UDE/Konami ever ban all the removal that needs to go, cards like this are finally removal that is fair and balanced and still useful. "Removal" that needs to go (on the Spell/Trap front) being Heavy Storm, Breaker, Mobius, MST, and probably even Dust Tornado. There are others as well, but I don't need to stretch this review out any longer.

Anyway, if S/T removal (and negation *glares at Jinzo and Decree* ever are balanced out, then decks that rely on a full/nearly full S/T zone will finally emerge (and they are supposed to exist) and this card will at least be a reasonable side deck option. Twister can't hit Set Spells, so this could pull the normally "cheap" trick of destroying an opponent's Set S/T on the turn they Set it. Seriously, while it's an intelligent play, it really is cheap. Negation is one thing, destroying before there's even a chance of playing is another.
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Default Tornado

If your opponent has 3 or more cards in their Spell or Trap Zone you can destroy one of them. It is another Mystical Space Typhoon, but with a conidition. As already stated multiple times we have other Spell or Trap Removal that doesn't need to have a condition. The card just has to be on the field and then you can destroy it with cards like Breaker the Magical Warrior, Mobius the Frost Monarch, Dust Tornado, and a few other cards. They are better options and should only be used if burn was the strongest deck.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5
Art: 1.5/5
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Situational with a capitol S. There are few decks that would have 3 Spell or Trap cards on the field at the same time. Plus Mobius, Breaker and other cards are far more effective than this one at removing opposing Spell and Trap cards.


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