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Default 9-14 - Marshmallon - PP01-EN003

Card Name: Marshmallon
Car Number: PP01-EN003

Level 3
300 atk 500 def

The controller of a monster that attacks this card in face-down defense position takes 1000 damage after damage calculation. This card cannot be destroyed by battle (damage calculation is applied normally.)

Card Ratings
Traditional: 4.17
Advanced: 4.76

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 = average. 5 is the highest rating.
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Level 3

Effect: This card is not destroyed as a result of battle (damage calculation is applied normally). When this card is attacked while in face down defense posistion, the controller of the card who attacked this card takes 1000 points of direct damage.

Anime note: Yugi used this card against Bakura and against Atem in the Memory Arc of the TV show.

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely adore Marshmallon. This card is absolutely wonderful, and for those of you who play Spirit Reaper...this is your new card. Get one, and switch it immediately. For those of you who don't play Spirit Reaper, play this card. For those of you who play this game, use a Marshmallon.

Marshmallon does have poor stats, only having 300 attack and 500 defense, but it isn't suppose to attack you anyway, and it wouldn't matter if it had 0 defense thanks to the effect, except for trample. Airknight is still bick, and that would be 1400 damage, but that's one card of forty.

If Marshmallon is attacked while face down, the controller of the attacking monster takes 1000 points of damage. Furthermore, our adorable friend cannot be destroyed by battle, but damage is applied normally.

In short, I love this card, I'm glad we got it, and we also got Marshmallow Glasses, which if you don't know, is a Magic card that only allows your opponent to attack Marshmallon.


Tradtional: 4.25/5 It isn't a Warrior, but it IS a Light monster, it has burn, and can be removed for Chaos.

Advanced: 4.75/5 Not quite perfect, we DO have two NoC availabe currently, and that hurts, it hurts all flip monsters, as well as face down monsters, but that isn't his fault.

Art: 5/5
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I am so happy to see this smiling pile of fluff. I personally think of spirit reaper as one of the best monsters due to his indestructibility and ability to discard a card. This guy is indestructible (even if targeted by a spell/trap) thus he is better than reaper in that sense. The burn damage gives players another reason to run burn and players another reason to attack a face down.


He will be a staple due to his ability to hold off attacks and forcing an opponent to waste removal on a weak monster. I expect to see exiled force and Neo-spacien grand moles use to sky rocket upon his legality.
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Ah, Marshmallon. This Light/Fairy is basically the second Spirit Reaper. It has ever-so-slightly better Stats, doesn't self-destruct when targeted, and if attacked and flipped face up, does 1000 points of burn. The downside? It can't attack to discard. That was nice, but I think it is at least Spirit Reapers equal, if not it's superior. Get one as soon as you can, and watch out for Tramplers.

Traditional: 4.5/5 - It is a Light Monster, after all. Plus with Chaos Emperor Dragon and Ring of Destruction, a little extra burn is probably game.

Advanced: 4.5/5 - Still a great card, just because removing it is so hard. Kind of fun against bounce. I mean, if they trip the burn effect once before bouncing, they have to worry about being burned again. Okay, not huge, but if you learn to bluff its handy.
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Ahhhh...just what we need...another monster that can't be destroyed by battle....Spirit Repear, Gellenduo, and now Marshmallon...that's a total of 5 monsters for the burn/stall decks out there....

This card is simply GREAT. Its stats aren't all that good, but we don't care about that. It can't be destroyed by battle, it doesn't have the annoying lil defect in Spirit Repear, and if it gets attacked while face down, the opponent takes 1000 life points of damage. What is not to love about this card? (Other than not being able to get one)

Expect to see this a lot once it's legal, and to see less of Spirit Repear (but not none of)

Traditional: 4/5 (Not too great here, but it is a light monster)
Advanced: 4.5/5 (Two NoC's hurt this card, plus all the monarchs running around)
Art: 3.5/5

Uber props to Tisi for the sig! Awesome man!!!
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Default Staple

Level 3

Effect: This card is not destroyed as a result of battle (damage calculation is applied normally). When this card is attacked while in face down defense posistion, the controller of the card who attacked this card takes 1000 points of direct damage.

It's basically a nice add to a burn deck or any kind of stall deck. It's almost a staple for any kind of deck. It's probably one of the best top decks you can have in the game. It can get you out of a position where your opponent has so many monsters, that you can use it as a wall to draw cards until you can make a move to get out of a situation your in. 1000 points of damage does not seem much to most people but, in late game this can be very deadly for an opponent who is down a lot of lp. It can even cause an opponent to have a dead brain contol, premature burial, and etc that deal's the owner damage after taking an unexpected 1000. There can be many situations that this card can be useful. I just see it as a staple. Depending on how much removal this format gets, it could be even better than it already is.

Traditional: 3/5- Traditional is an otk format and matches don't last more than 5 turns...Drawing and setting this would take a long time to make this even worth putting in the deck. Sure it could be a uselful light monster for a chaos deck. I think it would be too slow for the traditional format but, it's still a really good card. It's basically another good throw in light monster for ced and bls.

Advanced: 5/5 - It's basically a staple.
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Default Marshamllon

With this little gooey creature it can't be destroyed by batltle. That is awesome indeed because its just like another Spirit Reaper, but then again it is also different.

When a monster attacks this face-down defense positioned monster they take 1000 points of effect damage also. Basically their attack doesn't really matter since it just bounce and plus you gave them 1000 points of damage without playing a single card. That is 1/8 of your opponent's life points. There is a reason why they have limited this to only one copy per deck.

Another way it isn't like Spirit Reaper is it doesn't have the "if you target this card destroy it automatically" effect. This is great because when your opponent wants to get it off the field it will take more than just a targeting card to get it gone, there will most likely be a following to that play.

Back to the "not being able to be destroyed part" it can survive almost anything. If anybody plays Mystic Swordsman LV2, D.D. Warrior, Warrior Lady, Mefist the Infernal General, or Airknight Parshath it won't be a good matchup. Out of those card I mentioned the most one played is D.D. Warrior Lady so thats the only monster that can really get rid of Marshmallon at this time.

It is a Light monster so it can be searched by Shining Angel. Also it can be searched by Sangan, but with an effect like this it is ok to have those kind of stats anyways.

In conclusion whoever has a Marshmallon will be playing it in their decks because it is a great defensive monster, but with Shield Crush coming out and Nobleman of Crossout at 2 it will have a little tougher time of what it is trying to do.

Traditional: 3.5/5
Advanced: 4.5/5
Art: 3/5
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