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Default 9-13 - Gold Sarcophagus SJCS-EN005

Card Name: Gold Sarcophagus
Car Number: SJCS-EN005

Select and remove 1 card from your Deck from play. During your 2nd Standby Phase after this card's activation, add the removed card to your Hand.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 4.25
Advanced: 4.88

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 = average. 5 is the highest rating.
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Gold Sarcophagus is a very handy Magic card, and one we saw at the end of the Memory Arc on the Yugioh cartoon, which of course, had a different effect. Here, you remove a card from your Deck from play, and if during the second standby phase this still exists, then you can add the card to your Hand. It isn't the most accessible card in the world, but when and if you can get one, I would.


Traditional: 2/5 More draw power, more removal, waiting = bad.

Advanced: 4.25/5 Sweet tech

Art: It IS a Gold Sarcophagus 3.5/5
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The ability to be any card in your deck makes this a staple to those who own it. Expect to see previous shonen jump winners to easily work there way through the swiss rounds with this and CCV.


Another reason Yu-Gi-Oh is a money game!
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Old 09-09-2007, 05:05 PM   #4
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Yes, I know my reviews were absent last week (not familiar enough with the cards) and the rest for this week haven't been up to my normal standards, but this card doesn't require a lot of thought so it's still going to be a "quickie". Well, it does require some thought to use, but it is still sickly over powered and may have to be banned. Use this to get the exact card you need. There are plenty of "general" cards that are always/almost always useful, so if it looks like the "exact thing" can be thwarted before that second Stand-By phase hits, then just get one of those power cards. Even the computer in the DS games can use it well. Not perfect, but good enough. A two-turn delay isn't much of a "cost" for something that can get anything from the deck.

All formats: 5/5
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Gold Sarcophagus is a great card, and completely deserves it's restriction to 1. Being able to search your deck for the 1 broken card you need to win (Crush Card Virus, Overload Fusion, Black Luster Soldier - EoTB, etc..) is just too good to pass up.

If you are lucky enough to have one at this time, you can run it in pretty much every deck. If you don't, you will have to wait about a year until it gets reprinted ^_^


5/5 - Wow. How broken is this card?

5/5 - Next to Breaker the Magical Warrior, you will see this card in every deck once it's mass released.

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There are currently 4 of these cards out there right now. I went to the Columbus, Ohio regional over this past weekend and TWO of the four (along with 3 CCV's) were there.

This card is simply GREAT! You get to take any one card out of your deck and place it out of play. 2 turns later, you get the card in your hand. If you think your going to need a Raiza, grab a Raiza. Grand Mole, why not? Playing a Burn deck and need a just desserts to win the game? Be my guest!

Unlike Different Dimension Capsule, there isn't a card sitting on the field for 2 turns making your removed card vulnerable.

On top of all that, the card can go out of play face up! So, if you grab a monster (say DMoC or Jinzo) you can used Dimension Fusion or Return from the Different Dimension to bring that card back to the field early.

The ONLY drawback I see to this card is that your opponent can know what the card you picked is if you place it face up, so they might be able to prepare to counter it.

If you happen to get one of these, PLAY IT! (Unless you wanna sell it for big bucks)

Traditional: 5/5
Advanced: 5/5
Art: 4/5

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It's a staple in any kind of deck. It does have a cost of waiting two turns but, who cares? You pick any card you want and, you will get it no matter what. It's not like Capsule where it could of been destroyed by mystical space tyhoon or any other S/T removal. It's a Sjc prize, so it's gone to be hard to get. Just like ccv, who ever owns this will have an advantage.

Traditional: 5/5- Sure, It does take two turns but, it's worth it. It makes otk decks even faster here to draw out what ever is needed. It's almost drawing a combo card to win. It is a bad top deck but, it's still a staple. Every card has some kind of draw back, and this drawback is still worth playing.

Advanced: 5/5- It's a staple, nothing more to say.
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Gold Sarcophagus
Normal Spell Card
Select and remove 1 card from your Deck from play. During your 2nd Standby Phase after this card's activation, add the removed card to your Hand.

The new SJC prize card, already limited to one. Here's why, it's the best search card ever to grace this game. This card can get ANY card in your deck with a 2 turn wait. And unlike Different Dimension Capsule that just sat on the field and if it was destroyed the card you chose would be removed, this isn't like that at all. Unless they Negate Gold Sarcophagus, then you get the card in 2 turns regardless. This was a really good pick to be a SJC card, and it should see play with whoever has it. This card can dramatically change a game and even a match when the 2nd turn comes around. Though it might not be as glamorous to people compared to Crush Card Virus, it's still and unbelievably great card.

Traditional: 4.75/5 The reason it isn't a 5 here, is that in Traditional, you have Pot of Greed, Graceful Charity, Witch of the Black Forest, Mirage of Nightmare and a lot of OTK decks, 2 turns can be too slow and there are a lot of other key cards in traditional than can take priority over this in a deck.
Advanced: 5/5 Well no surprise here, best searcher and plus it's more needed here than in Traditional. This card can work wonders for Advanced.

- Tomas Mijares
Tomas Mijares
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Default Gold Sarcophagus

Gold Sarcophagus is just like Different Dimension Capsule, but it does not stay on the field for two turns. Whatever card you want you will be getting by playing this card, unless if it negated then Magician of Faith will have to bring it back for you.

For those who have one they will most likely be putting Gold Sarcophagus right into their decks. Its a card we wanted for a while, but since it is a SJC Promo most of us will not even be close to one. This will of coarse give good players more of advantage to keep on winning regional or SJC over and over again. It would be good if there was some way where if you haven't Top 8ed a regional yet you are allowed to have this card in your deck, but apperently it will never be like that.

This is a great card and it doesn't have to be only for one type of deck. It doesn't stay on the field which is better and it goes face up too, but its not like your opponent won't know what you'll be getting anyways. Just whatever helps them the most in about 2 turns. We don't have a certain card in America that would make Gold Sarcophagus even more playable, but we'll just have to wait for that in the future.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 5/5
Art: 4/5
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