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Default 9-12 - The Transmigration Prophecy

Card Name: The Transmigration Prophecy
Car Number: STON-EN054

Select 2 cards from the Graveyard(s) and shouffle them into the owner's Deck(s).

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.75
Advanced: 3.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 = average. 5 is the highest rating.
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The Transmigration Prophecy is also a Trap that was restricted, and I don't really like this card. Well I do, and I don't at the same time. This Trap allows you to shuffle two cards from the Graveyard, back into the owner or owner's Decks. So, take two of yours, two of your opponent's or one of each. It can be a handy asset for you to reuse, but it can also stop or delay your opponet from summoning something from their Graveyard...like Chimeratech.


Traditional: 2/5 Could send a light and a dark back to stop chaos, for a while, but not very useful overall I don't think. It could still help you I guess.

Advanced: 3.5/5

Art: 2/5
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Decent tech against graveyard Dependant decks (Return, Chimera Fusion, Frog-Monarch, Apprentice Magician, etc.)
In the case of apprentice engine (or any searcher) it will guarantee a target exists.

I personally believe other options are better for dealing with zombie, phoenix, etc.

I do not like negative ones that do not provide any form of field control. This can pay for itself if used correctly (even can draw out a Heavy Storm, MST, Breaker, etc.). Yet the fact it does not control monster presence makes me question its worth in the deck. I've had this used against me many times and every time it was used against me I regretted not playing more aggressively against my opponent. If you combo it with winged rhynos the fact rhino bounces provides an inherit 1 for 1.


Not the best of traps, but decent
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A bit surprised it was Restricted to 1. Did I miss a combo? I used it in certain challenges on the DS to keep my computer opponent (and myself) from decking out sometimes, and I have debated its uses in "real" decks. Obviously, it is nice to get two killer cards back into your deck. In this case, "killer" means "generic, almost always useful" cards, preferably non-Monsters since you have PoA for that. If you can trick your opponent into burning removal on it, make them waste targeted revival (chain it to their Premature Burial, since they already had to declare a target, PMB fizzles), and of course on annoying self reviving opposing Monsters (better the froggy goes back to the deck), it can "pay" for itself in the sense most of my fellow reviewers are apt to use. That is tangible field/hand advantage. Most people forget that there is such a thing as deck advantage since this is a game where that kind of advantage is hard to generate in abusable amounts. It does matter, however, and this card is handy for certain combo decks to get something into the deck and quickly (unlike PoA which can get only Monsters and then needs a whole five before it can be activated).

Still not sure why it was Restricted.


Traditional - 1/5

Advanced - 3.5/5
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Me: "I'll take 'Stupid Things' for $500 Alex"
Alex: "Transmirgration Prophecy now restricted to 1"
Me: "What is: Why we shouldn't have a combined banlist with the OCG?"

Obviously this is yet another result of the near genocidal ban of the Gadget decktype. Prophecy had many uses for various decktypes, but I'm guessing that adding Gadgets back to your deck mid or late game was the reason for it being restricted to 1.

Pure and simple nonsense.


1/5 - RFG not RTD (Return to Deck)

3/5 - A versatile card that is now near useless because of it's restriction. GG Konami!

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The Transmigration Prophecy
Normal Trap
Text: Select 2 cards from the Graveyard and shuffle them into their owner’s Deck(s).

This card has recently been restricted to one per deck, but I believe it will be used the same way in this new Ban List. Card Trooper is down at one so if you get Trooper and Transmigration you can get those card sent to the graveyard. You needed that Magician of Faith for Apprentice Magician? The transmigration Prophecy allows you to get that MoF back another spell for another game changing play.

The Transmirgration Prophecy is great for putting back in searchers or stopping a Treeborn Frog or Jinzo from coming back. This card has many uses and since it can be either opponent's or your cards and it has no restriction on if it has to be a Monster, Spell, or Trap makes it a whole lot better.

For you and your monstets, things like Nimble Momonga and Apprentice Magician give you more Life Points or more defense plus tribute fodder. If you just drew your third Gravekeeper's Spy, play this card and put the other two back in the deck so the third one won't just be a 2000 DEF wall. Hydrogeddons go on the offensive for a second time in the duel. Need a Monarch for a Spirit Reaper or a Gravity Bind problem?

When sending back your spell cards you are most likely choose Brain Control or Heavy Storm for tributing or mass S/T removal. You can activate Pot of Avarice again if you didn't get your second copy yet.

In most decks Trap cards have the normal set up of Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute, and anything else you'd like to add. We already have a card that can give us Trap Cards to our hands and were allowed two have Mask of Darkness in our decks.

As for the opponent, stopping specials summons from the grave helps you keep the strogest monster on the field, keeper tributes off the field, or take less damage by taking out the strongest monsters. Treeborn frog will stop coming back every turn and giving the opponent some kind of Monarch to tribute for.

In the end, you can put this in a deck if you have multiples of cards that can search or side deck it against a person who utilizes the graveyard a lot.

Traditional: 3/5 - Bring back a banned card for another use is awesome.
Advanced: 3/5
Art: 4.3/5 - It looks great in Ultimate Rare Form.
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THe ONe PG 16
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The Transmigration Prophecy
Normal Trap Card
Select 2 cards from the Graveyard and shuffle them into their owner’s Deck(s).

Well no one really abused this card in America that we saw except for those very few decks where this actually worked out. It was seen before as a really hyped up card, then a really hyped side deck card, then it was never really that either. Now it's at one, it has gotten the attention of some people, but not all. Now with 2 Pot Of Avarice, more ppl will see it as a viable option to side deck and to disrupt anything that has to do with graveyards like Treeborn Frog, Green Baboon etc. This card also can let you reuse things like with Recruiters, Giant Germ, Nimble etc as well. This card can be used in so many ways, gadgets as well to never really run out especially with them at 2, but overall it's still a really good card and chainable to which makes it nice when heavy storm, mobius or another monarch hits. With the big amount of zombies seeing play all of a sudden, you can see this card really paying dividends to those who tech it main deck, but of course there are other options like D.D. Crow that removes, that can sometimes be a lot better than giving the card back but Transmigration can help you as well.

Traditional: 1.5/5 Can get those Chaos Monsters back, but then again, whats the point when yata gets ya?
Advanced: 4/5 This is a good card overall, and though it's at 1, the new wave of decks lately can get wrecked by it.

- Tomas Mijares
Tomas Mijares
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