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Default August 30- Crystal Seer - TAEV-EN031

Card Name: Crystal Seer
Car Number: TAEV-EN031


Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.50
Advanced: 3.85

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 = average. 5 is the highest rating.
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...the single most overhyped card in TAEV, period. Not saying it's bad, but people are giving it much more credit than it deserves.

(And before I forget, shame on you Upper Deck, for changing the rarities around. This was supposed to be a Normal Rare and you know it.)

Back to Seer...obviously, it's a reason to play the Apprentice Magician engine in your Monarch decks and any other deck that needs a tribute. Instead of just one random draw, like Dekoichi, you're getting a choice of two cards, which greatly helps you if looking for a specific card. However, two things make me NOT want to go get a set of Seers:

*Nobleman of Crossout at 2 as of 9/1, and Shield Crush becoming legal in late October. One Seer getting nuked = all three getting nuked, which cripples your search engine. Shield Crush doesn't get rid of all of them, but it does deprive you of the extra card regardless. Yes, I know some decks will tech Spell Shield Type 8 to negate Nobleman for free, but it's still double the chance in the early game.

*The 100 ATK/DEF. With Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive, that free draw is backed up by 1400 ATK points, meaning you can poke away at your opponent and force them to react, even if you may not have a Monarch in hand -- or rather, have one you don't want to play, like Thestalos if they have no hand. Seer is only a great advantage generator if you are going to flip it and IMMEDIATELY tribute it off for something.

Apprentice Monarchs will be good again, and this is still a searchable pseudo-Deko, but it's still not as good as an actual Deko.

4/5 Advanced, not even sure how to gauge this in Traditional.
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This review assumes the September 1st 2007 Ban List. I mean, I have enough catching up to do without focusing on a format that has less than a week left of existing.

Crystal Seer is a Level 1 Water/Spellcaster with a mere 100 ATK/DEF. It exists solely to get it's Flip Effect, which is looking at the top two cards of your deck and adding one to your hand, then sending the remaining card to the bottom of your deck. Not bad, but on such a weak Monster, there's only one reason to play this: Apprentice Magician. Aside from the fact there's one really great choice (Magician of Faith) and a pretty decent second stringer (Old Vindictive Magician), a few of these basically feed the Apprentice/Monarch deck build, and of course would still be handy in most Spellcaster decks (there are plenty of things to tribute something off for, like Magical Dimension.

So yeah, this should be pretty useful in a few decks, and at least one deck that should easily succeed in the new format.


Traditional: 1/5-I don't really play this anymore, so if you honestly "know better", fine. I can't see this doing much good as I remember it.

Advanced: 3.75/5 - Honestly, I think I'd prefer Dekoichi for a better ATK score.
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Default Crystal Seer

Most people around the country saw the effect of this monster and already thought that its going to change YGO dueling or at least tell us that most people will go to Apprentice Engine Monarch Decks again, if they haven't changed it with the new ban list. With the new ban list going into effect in a few days this card loses some of it's playability.

Obviously Apprentice Magician can seach Seer our because he has only 1 star. The Seer only has 100 ATK and DEF so its not really a battle type monster unless you play Book of Moon on a Banisher of the Radience. Dekoichi may just give you a draw and be a 1400 ATK monster while on the field, but apprentice will give you what card you need more in the next two cards. This monster has the lowest ATK out of everything an Apprentice Magician can search. Here is a list of what Apprentice can search:

Apprentice Magician - Search again
Old Vindictive Magician - destroy the opponent's monster
Magician of Faith - Return Spell cards to you hand (MoF for game?)
Hand of Nephthys - SPoN decks only of coarse
Time Wizard - Coin/Dice Decks
Crystal Seer - Get a card that can better prepare you against your opponent

The defense is also 100 so even a Reaper or Marshmallon can get over this. While on Marshmallon, Shield Crush will be coming out legal in October making it even harder to set things in the current game. If they would keep NoC at one then this will see more play at tournements. I do not expect to see people run 3 copies of this in a deck, but if someone can make something up so much the better.

It is a water monster so you could use the Water Trap by tributing Seer and get a Confiscation effect.

In conclusion I like Seer and Dekoichi both, but with a new format where no face down monster is safe it will be hard to defend with anything. People will have to start playing their Wabokus.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3.5/5 (After September 1st)
Art: 4/5 - Getting the holo treatment made it look awesome, but harder to get for anyone.
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Crystal Seer is a very valuable tech card, and it is quite overhyped. That being said, it is by no means bad, it just isn't quite as good as all the hype makes it out to be. When flipped, you get to pick up the top two cards from your deck. One card goes to your Hand, while the other is placed on the bottom of your deck. So, it replaces itself, and it gives you the option to choose, which is usually a good thing.


Traditional: I haven't played Traditional in a while, but I don't see why it wouldn't be good here. 3/5

Advanced: 3.95/5 Solid tech

Art: 3/5
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