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Default August 28 - Double Summon - TAEV-EN056

Card Name: Double Summon
Car Number: TAEV-EN056

Double Summon
Normal Spell Card
You can Normal Summon 1 additional time this turn. You can only gain this effect once per turn.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.50
Advanced: 3.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 = average. 5 is the highest rating.
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Old 08-24-2007, 05:37 PM   #2
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I have received emails from players telling me how broken this is. It makes me wish we still had Last Will. I can't talk to low about this card because I have yet to test it or see it used. It is a minus one, but in a gadget deck you have 2 machines on the field and two machines in your hand. Imagine dropping two Injection Fairy Lily at the same time. Imagine tributing off Treeborn Frog for Raiza, then Tributing Raiza off for another Raiza?
We could get even wilder and run Marauding Captain, drop the special summon, drop infernon reckless summon, activate this for a first turn OTK. Maybe we can run Boot-Up Soldier, actiavte Machine Duplication for two more, activate the COTD, Summon a Gadget, and laugh for another OTK that has yet to put us in the minus position.

Is this card broken, time will tell. The overall point is that it has some utility and I want to see someone put it into motion!

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Old 08-24-2007, 08:59 PM   #3
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This card will help a lot of decks, and is mainly for use with the Geminis, but I don't see it as overly broken. Unless you're double-summoning a Gemini, you're playing out 3 cards from your hand in one turn -- the original monster, the Double Summon, and the second monster. If your opponent has anything to stop you, you could have screwed yourself out of the game.

I see potential OTKs forming with this, but complicated OTKs that require someone to know what they're doing to build aren't necessarily a bad thing.

3.75/5 for future potential.
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This review assumes the September 1st 2007 Ban List. I mean, I have enough catching up to do without focusing on a format that has less than a week left of existing.

Double Summon seems to be a solid Normal Spell. An extra Summon may
not seem like much, and using this will probably deplete your hand, but even as just a "quick swarm" tactic it looks handy. The real use will be combined with cards like the Gadgets (you'll have a replacement ready) and getting key cards in play fast for OTK or at least huge swing tricks. I mean, a double Injection Fairy Lily against a clear field would be obscene. And this would make Exiled Force use a bit easier too. A Spell and Monster for a Monster might seem a bit much, but if its an opponent's Tribute Summoned Jinzo, Dark Ruler Ha Des, etc. its probably worth it.

Of course, if any card breaks it, broken it will be, but for now I'd have to say:

Traditional: 1/5

Advanced: 3/5
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Double Summon...a card that has a lot of potential, but as of right now, may not be all that solid. Actually, this card IS solid. It allows an extra summon, but in the same token while that may not seem like a whole lot, it could be excellent. Let me ask you a question, is this card broken? Yes...no...for some decks...maybe later...as riddled an answer as that is, all those responses are true.




The score is different for different decks. It will be useful in some, useless in others. It may be used more when someone unlocks its power, or less if no one does, for now, it's just average. It gets a 5/5 for potential though.

Art: 2.5/5
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Old 08-27-2007, 11:48 PM   #6
THe ONe PG 16
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Double Summon
Normal Spell Card
You can Normal Summon 1 additional time this turn. You can only gain this effect once per turn.

Many decks can really utilize this card. Though it's not til Sept. 1 we will see this card in action it can help out so many decks. Starting with Six Samurai, now you don't always have to depend on Grandmaster to get Yaichi or Irou's effect off, you can have both and be happy that turn to take out some problems you face. Also with the Gemini monsters, you can utilize the effects. Many conservative players and aggressive alike can make this card work well in their favor. We don't know what deck will make this card broken, but there are so many ways this can easily be abused.

Traditional: 1.5/5 Depending on the cards you have in here will say if you really need this or not, usually not needed.
Advanced: 4/5 Rush decks get a lot stronger with this and it helps Gemini Decks if they don't have Gemini Summoner

- Tomas Mijares
Tomas Mijares
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Qualified 06-11

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Default Double Summon

This card is for people who like to go for quick damage if they got the right monsters. The other thing this card can be used for is the new Gemini Monsters. So basically you can gain the Gemini Effect on that turn, it will only cost you 1 card.

The could work in a few different kinds of decks. Deecks like Demise which are still on their last breath of being able to work could use this to summon 2 Manju of the 10,000 hands to get both the Ritual and Monster need to blow up the field.

Also Samurai Decks can benefit from this card. Summon Yachi and then with Double Summon Zanji arrives to the battlefield able to protect his partner and to be able to destroy a monster with his effect.

Depending on how you work it, this card can be a monkeywrench in your opponent's plans. I don't see it being a great card off the bat, but in time when someone goes to a huge tournament and does great with this card everyone will start asking everyone else if they can trade their Double Summon.

Traditional: 1.5/5 - Could help Traditional Exodia Decks
Advanced: 3/5 - I could summon Monarchs this turn or Jinzos.
Art: 3/5
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