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Default August 1 COTD - Mechanicalchaser - SD10-EN005

Card #: SD10-EN005

Type: Machine
Attribute: Dark
Level: 4
ATK: 1850
DEF: 800
Text: A hunter that relentlessly pursues its target by order of the Machine King.

Average Ratings:

Traditional: 2.00
Advanced: 1.50
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Lonely Wolf
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Well, at one point this was THE card to have. Back in the old days when beatdown rained supreme! In those days you just continued to summon 1800 attack monsters, hoping to keep one on the field to tribute for summoned Skull. Trap Hole was played in 3's, and you had to be lucky to have the coveted Mirror Force. I remember my 1st Edition one.....

This machine, with that simple 50 attack bonus over the average beatstick was hard to get, but if you had em you had a serious edge over your opponent. A local kid had 3 of them and it lead him to a lot of wins.

Today, even with Machine as good as they are, this normal monster doesn't cut it. Card Trooper, Cyber Dragon, Dekoichi, and Cyber Pheonix are all better in their own ways.

And, even in normal monster decks, there are a LARGE handful of 1900 monsters, one 2000, and we still have Summoned Skull.

Not much to say about this card really, GREAT back during the first year or two of the game, bad after that.

Traditonal: 5/5 (During LOB-PSV), 1.5/5 (LON-AST)
Advanced: 2/5 (it is a machine)
Art: 3.5/5

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Well, a card like Gemini Elf whose time has passed. Back in the day you ran three of these or lost when one came out, unless one of thos ebanned cards was in your hand. You could not beat this thing in battle, so you had to kill it with an effect. Plus if you didn't have it, you couldn't win tournaments to get it, so it is a viscious circle.

Is obsolete now, but still coveted in mint condition by collectors

Traditional-1/5 (no vanillas here EVER)
Avdanced-2/5 (still CAN be a part of a Machine deck, but mostly looks cool in the binder, which gives it bonus points)

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THe ONe PG 16
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Level 4

Doesn't this card just bring back memories to when the first TP packs were out and we got this card. It put La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp to Shame and it had no drawback like the 2200 Jurai Gumo. Here we see a 1850 Machine, though the game isn't like before where it was aggro or really defensive, Mechanicalchaser for those of you who have been around the game long enough brings back memories of when the rich kids had 3 of these and ran over your attack monsters, unless you had a giant soldier of stone or another high defense monster that you would sacrifice for a card like summoned skull. Now this card is obsolete, can't really use it with other machines like Card Trooper are out there and other big monsters like Gene-Warped Warwolf and other 1900 ATK or 2000 ATK nontribute monsters. This card is just too old for this game, sure the Ultra Rare was nice, but now it's just a collectors item like most of the hard to get cards of that time.

Traditional: 1/5 Though it's dark, not so great
Advanced: 1/5 Too many better cards here, though it's wonderful memories.

- Tomas Mijares
Tomas Mijares
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Qualified 06-11

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Mr. Random
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ATK/ 1850 DEF/800

Before I used to play this game Mechanicalchaser was the big beatstick monster without a Tribute. Today with all the cards we have now it loses against many other monsters.

It has four stars so you can summon right onto the field. It also can be Metamorphosised into something weaker than it.

Mechanicalchaser's attribute is Dark so it can be Strike Ninja food.

Since its a Machine Type monster it gets help from a few other cards. Cyber Phoenix can prevent this from being Brain Controller, Trap Holed, or even Snatch Stolen. Limiter Removal can make Mechanicalchaser's ATK to 3700 to kill almost anything, except your opponent's ATK positioned Gate Guardian.

It only has 1850 ATK so many monsters can barely get over it. Card Trooper, Cyber Dragon, or even a Insect Knight.

If it is in defense mode even a Mask of Darkness can get around a 800 defender.

Although it is normal it can be put in a Ritual Deck for Advanced Ritual Art and other Normal Monster support cards.

This card is passed its prime. The only way I can see this card being played is when someone opens the 10th Structure Deck and plays the deck right out of the box.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5
Art: 2/5
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