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Default Stone Edge vs Rock Slide vs Ancient Power

A friend of mine is tring to figer out which one her wants on his pokemon to learn.

so whats beter as a move.
Stone Edge---100 /80---easy critical hit
Rock Slide----- 75 /90---30% Flinch
Ancientpower-- 60/100---10% chance to raise all stats

SE-good damage but cant stand the trashy acc

RS-ok around and effect is ok with kings rock

AP- sp att and acc with a good effet ...if it works

i myself prefer AP


what do you thing is beter.

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Old 06-30-2007, 04:07 PM   #2
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I like Stone Edge.It may have crappy acuracy,but its more then,say Thunder.The attack power of it rocks too.
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King Rock Is banned
I prefer Stone Edge 80 is not tat bad
Focus Blast is bad
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Stone Edge>Rock Slide>Ancientpower

Stone Edger maybe has a little low accuracy, but when it hits, it really lands some heavy damage
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I agree with ^ post.
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Umm... Ancient Power is Special, therefore... it isn't really comparable with the other two. If you want a Special Rock move, go with that. Otherwise, just go with Stone Edge, which is, in my opinion, the best outta the three anyway.
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ancientpower is obv the worst out of all three of them... only a 10 percent chance of raising all stats?? besides.. More than likely.. AP will run out of PPs before u can land its effect..

well.. this is pretty interesting... i think if u have dragon dance.. rock slide would be better because it has a 30 percent chance of making u flinch.. meaning.. along with u going first because of the dance... ur attack will be strong and they will flinch 3 outa 10 times... if u land flinching.. ur opponent will be very annoyed...

for Stone edge.. everybody would prefer stone edge.. its a strong atk with its critical hit being boosted.. meaning it would inflict even more damage. thats really good.. but it has only 80 accuracy. meaning.. u would probably miss once outa 5 times u use it.. .. but Stone Edge's power makes u forget about its accuracy.. plus.. stone edge has few PPs... but.. in my opinion.. go with Stone Edge.. and if ur pokemon is rock.. Stone Edges Power is 150.. WAY TOO GOOD.. best rock move

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