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Default New HeroClix Rarity Scheme Article .

Originally Posted by Wizkids

As we've announced previously, this summer WizKids is improving the packout of HeroClix boosters, bricks, and cases. Here's some more detail:

Figures in each booster will be drawn from among the 60 figures in the set, which is broken into four levels of rarity (indicated by the color of the tab behind the set symbol on the figure’s base):

* 16 Common figures (white rarity tabs)
* 16 Uncommon figures (green rarity tabs)
* 16 Rare figures (silver rarity tabs)
* 12 Super-Rare figures (gold rarity tabs)

Five figures from the set will be packed into each booster. A booster will contain the following number of figures from each level of rarity:

* 1-3 Commons
* 1-2 Uncommons
* 1 Rare

1 in 3 boosters will contain a Super-Rare figure, replacing one of the Common figures in the booster. Though it's possible to get 3 Common figures in a booster, a lucky pull will net you 1 Super-Rare figure, 1 Rare figure, 2 Uncommon figures, and only 1 Common! With the new colored rarity tabs, it will be simple to see what you’ve pulled out of a booster, and much easier to make equitable trades with your friends as you work to collect the entire set!

Each booster will also contain 5 character cards, 1 matching each character in the booster, and 1 card element (a bystander token, a feat, a battlefield condition, or a special object.)

As always, you can buy boosters individually, or you can buy a brick of 10 boosters to participate in the HeroClix Buy it by the Brick program and send away for a special figure. Two bricks will be packed into a case, for a total of 20 boosters per case.
Sounds fair as long as we dont have another misshap like in Origin. I just seen a friend who dose a lot of tradeing/selling at cons and the like and he has all Mercenary and Dissintigrate feats and that was all the cardboard he got out of his case. All I ask is that it is mixed up well and the errors are few to none.
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Time will only tell if this will be fair or not. I'm hoping it will be.

Props to Monger for this sweet sig.

Heroclix Trading Thread: Gambit's Swap-O-Rama
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