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Shadow of Death
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Default Reckless Greed ruling

If "Reckless Greed" is activated, causing you to skip your next 2 Draw phases, and you also must skip your Draw Phase due to another effect such as "Offerings to the Doomed", the skipped Phases do not accumulate. So if you activate "Reckless Greed" and "Offerings to the Doomed", you only skip 2 Draw Phases.

Making sure I got this right, in this logic if you activate 2 reckless greed simultaneously you'll draw 4 cards, and still only have to skip two draw phases.

Also what about this situation?

Draw reckless greed, set it, end turn.
Your opponent uses mystical space typhoon from their hand during main phase I, reckless greed is chained, I draw 2 cards, one of them being reckless greed.

Next turn I don't get to draw, I set reckless greed, end turn. During my opponent's standby phase I activate my second reckless greed, causing my to skip my next two draw phases. Do I only skip one more draw phase (total of three) after my second for the first one or do I add two more draw phases to the card causing me to skip the next three draw phases completely? Given the effects don't accumulate i'm sure i'd only miss 2 draw phases, but just looking for confirmation on these things before I try weird combos with them and get people complaining, plus then I have evidence backing up the legality of these combos if people try to claim it's four turns.

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You're right, these effect don't accumulate. So, in your situation, you skip 3 draw phases.
Originally Posted by ness00
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Yup. Your effects don't accumalate. That's why its optimal to run these in two or threes =P :D
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Originally Posted by limitless
Yup. Your effects don't accumalate. That's why its optimal to run these in two or threes =P :D
You can only run two Reckless Greeds.

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