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myuu is missing :(
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Default How To Get A Signature


This topic will include tutorials on how to do basic vBulletin commands and whatnot. It will also help decrease the number of questions.

Avatars - Link does not work anymore
  • How to Get an Image
  • How to re-size the image
  • How to make it work!
Signature (sig) - Link does not work anymore
  • How to get it to work
  • Without breaking the limit!

Please check out the Fan Art Forum for tutorials.

Please check out the signature help forum for any additional help.

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Default Usergroup Reference Guide

1st - Pojo Newbie - Registered User - 75x75 avatar (8kb), no signature

2nd - Registered User - 31 days, 100+ posts, 100x100 (15kb) avatar, 500 x 100 (30kb) + Sigs

Pojo Veteran - 60 days, 500 posts, 100x100 19.5 KB avatar, 500 x 100 (30 KBs) + Sigs + Custom Title

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What that means is this:

When you first log in to Pojo, you don't get a signature, and you can only have a 50x50 avatar.

After 31 days AND 50 posts, you get a signature, your options in your USER CP are automatically turned on after your 50th post, as long as you've been on for 30 days. The software takes a while to kick in, so wait about an HOUR after your 50th post and the option to have a signature will be there.

After 60 days AND 500 posts you get the option to have a custom title. Again, you have to wait about an hour before the software kicks in.

Signature Image MAXIMUMS are 500 pixels long by 100 pixels wide and NO GREATER than 30 KB in size. If you violate our maximums you may or may not get a warning, and you may or may not lose your signature image privileges. You may even get banned.

NOW - if you start a topic on signatures, it will be deleted. We have provided ample information on this topic already.

Additional Comment:
Should you like to request someone make a signature for you, or get your pre-made signature resized, critiqued, or just show off, use the Fan Art forum.

Make sure you read the rules first!
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