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Default Diffence Btween Battle Damage And Direct Damage

Can Dimmension Wall B Activated On A Card That Attacks Life Points Directly
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Well, as far I know it can still be Activated. Even though your opponent attacked you with a monster that attacks Life Points directly, it still counts as an attack, so the effect of Dimension Wall activates. I'm not 100% sure on it though, as I have never used the card before.

The effect of Dimension Wall is applied during damage calculation and cannot be chained to. (IE.If your opponent already activated “Waboku” this turn, then they cannot take battle damage, so you cannot activate “Dimension Wall”. However, you can chain Dimension Wall to Waboku if the timing is appropriate.) Another example is if Don Zaloog attacks and Dimension Wall is used, neither player well get the effect of Don Zaloog. Also, Dimension Wall is not an effect that targets.

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It says it can only be activated when the opp. attacks with a monster. It shouldn't matter whether its attacking directly or not.
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Spiked swordsman
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Battle damage is from the battle phase, so when some thing attacks. It just mean yuo can not activate it if your monster was trap holed.
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what is considered a battle? is attacking lifepoint consider a battle?
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Serene Rain
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When a monster attacks a player directly, the damage inflicted to that player's Life Points is Battle Damage. The attack itself is considered direct, which does not mean that the damage is Direct Damage.
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Digital Jedi
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Battle Damage is the damage inflicted to a player's Life Points during Damage Calculation, where ATK and DEF comparisons are made. If an opponent inflicts damage by a direct attack, it's still Battle Damage. This is the type of damage Dimension Wall will "deflect".

The only other kind of damage in the game is called Effect Damage. This is the damage Solar Flare Dragon inflicts during the End Phase. The damage Lava Golem inflicts during the Standby Phase. The Damage Wave-Motion Cannon inflicts when sent to the Graveyard. All of this is Direct Damage that is not inflicted by attacking. This is what Dimension Wall doesn't deflect.

There are the only two ways to take Damage in the game. While there are a few effects that cause you to "loose" Life Points as opposed to taking damage, they are not part of what Dimension Wall affects. Dimension Wall only affects the damage caused during the Battle Phase, during Damage Calculation. So, of course, direct attacks are included.

EDIT: Also, don't let the use of the word "direct" confuse you. It's a term that the game throws around quite loosely. A Direct Attack to someone's Life Points will still inflict Battle Damage. An effect that inflicts Direct Damage is still Effect Damage. The word "direct" gets used interchangebly between the two types of damage, but doesn't change the fact that they are different from each other.
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