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MPT the Posibilities
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Default strike ninja deck with otk

ok here is my strike ninja deck i have 2 ways to win so far 1 is to just atk over and over till i get his/her lp's to 0 or the otk in the deck that is to remove jinzo, hades, dmoc, and Invader of darkness, cannon soldier and activate rftdd and atk for game if that doesn't work launch all with soldier for anouther 2500 it has the potiential to do 14450lp damage anyways look at the deck i wanna find a way to stick in a sak armor and bthole by the way althought i have a lot of monsters it seems to work well with that i usually dont have a problem with that at all, i also have a mini lock with jinzo/decree and invader of darkness. Thanx everyone

Monsters (20) again alot

1x Jinzo
1x Dmoc
1x Cyber Dragon
1x Dark Ruler Hades
1x Invader of Darkness

3x Strike Ninja (the first s ninja deck that i saw 3 actually work)
1x DDA
1x Mystic Swordsman lv.2
3x DD scout plane
1x Sangan
1x Don Zaloog
1x Breaker
1x Spirit Reaper
1x Cyber Jar
1x Cannon Soldier

Magic (12)

2x Reinforcements of the army
1x Scapegoat
1x Premature burial
1x Book of moon
1x heavy storm
1x Enemy Controler
1x Dark Hole
1x MST
1x Vortex
1x Snatch
1x Card Destruction

Traps (9)

1x Decree
2x Return from the different dimension
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Call of the haunted
1x Dust tournado
3x Sak armor
All r/f's will be returned as long as u leave a link please help me with this

and plz i'm beggin u NOBODY TELL ME TO PUT IN MOBIUS... hes a good card but just doesn't work in here. i have like 5 of them so its not that i can't put him in its just that he doesn't work here
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Old 01-06-2006, 04:09 PM   #2
Shy Guy
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Returning R/F. Looks good, I would take out the Cyber Dragon, he does not really have much point here, he is not dark and you will have no way to bring him back with RFTDD. Now in place of the Cyber Dragon, I would suggest Brain Control. It would help with all your tributes and combos good with Cannon Soldier, you might even be able to work a second one in here, though im not sure what you could remove for it.
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