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Default Chain to Nobleman of Extermination?

if someone plays the Nobleman of Extermination Spell card and selects a magic/trap to destroy can i flip the card(trap) they select to start a chain
like he plays NoE on my Compulsery Evac device :
can i flip Compulsery Evac device and use its effect before its destroyed by NoE
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Yes you may activate the targeted card if the activation is right.

Example: Player A activates "Nobleman of Extermination", targeting Player B's face-down card. Player B chains the card, which is "Waboku." When "Nobleman of Extermination" resolves, its effect disappears because it must target a face-down Spell or Trap Card.

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Here's my problem...

Before (back in the PSV days) Nobleman of Extermination could target a F/D Gravity Bind, and even if you activate it (and the card is no longer F/D) it still got destroyed and you had to remove all the other copies from your deck...is that still applied today?
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No it's not.

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you can always chain a s/t if it is targeted by an opponent´s card effect. This does not only apply to Nobleman of Extermination, it also goes for Mystical Space Typhoon and others.

And the Gravity Bind was targeted by Nobleman of Extermination and you activate it in a chain against the Nobleman, it doesn´t get destroyed, because the card is no longer face-down

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