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Default Call of the Haunted BLS

In the new tournament rules I have heard that you can't bring back BLS with premature or call, is this true?
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It hasn't changed. You can special summon BLS via Call of the Haunted/Premature Burial ONLY if he was first special summoned properly and then sent to the graveyard.
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which BLS, but i'm guessing Envoy
i don't know about the "new tournament", but from what i know if you properly summon BLS Envoy by removing a light and dark from the graveyard and then it dies and goes to the graveyard then you can call or premature
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If either Black Luster Soldier was properly Special Summoned they could be brought back with recursion.
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Whatever these "new tournament" rules are. If it became a nomi monster that'd be freagin awesome... though they could still Warrior Returning Alive it.
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alright thanks I appreciate it they change the rules so often on me I can't keep up sometimes i just posted that like 5 mins ago so if anyone is online and wants to duel i am on MSN- Camspy007@hotmail.com or yahoo- Camspy007
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