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Default Dark Illusion vs. Effect Veiler

Say I summon Evilswarm Castor and attempt to activate its effect. My opponent responds with Effect Veiler, however in this situaiton, can I chain my set Dark Illusion to Effect Veiler? Will Dark Illusion also stop Fiendish Chain?
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Dark Illusion can only negate the activation of cards and effects that target a face-up DARK monster. Effect Veiler and Fiendish Chain both target.

Notice that both Effect Veiler and Fiendish Chain will not stop Evilswarm Castor's effect; it has already been Normal Summoned successfully so its effect applies and grants you an additional Normal Summon.
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First, there's nothing for you to activate involving Castor.

Second, Effect Veiler doesn't do anything to Castor and his effect. Only way for it to be negated is to have an already active Skill Drain or the like before it's Normal Summoned.

But...as far as Dark Illusion vs Veiler & Fiendish, It will stop them both as they both target.

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There are literally 2 ways to stop Castor from getting it's effect:
Skill Drain/Plasma is face-up before he id
His Summon is negated (Solemn Warning etc)

There you have it.
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