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Default Raizer Series

Well, they need support.

Mass Production Generic Raizer
G1/6000/5000/Nova Grappler/Battleroid
CONT: (Back Row) This unit's name is treated as 'Battleraizer'.
CONT: You may have up to 8 copies of this unit in your deck.
AUTO: At the end of a turn in which this unit boosted, place this unit on the top of your deck and shuffle your deck.

Tuned-Up Raizer
G2/10000/5000/Nova Grappler/Battleroid

Household Helper-raizer
G1/6000/5000/Nova Grappler/Battleroid
AUTO: [SOUL] (CB2) When a unit with 'Raizer' in it's card name is placed in the soul, you may pay the cost. If you do, draw 1.

G3/11000/TD!!/Nova Grappler/Battleroid
LB4: AUTO (SB1-'Raizer') When this unit attacks a Vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, this unit gains +5000 for every 'Raizer' in the Soul and can only be boosted by a unit with 'Raizer' in it's card name.
CONT: If you have a unit named Perfect Raizer in the soul, this unit gains +2000.
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