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Default Lightsworn Legion (Lightsworn Stun 2.0) Sept 2013 TCG

3x Lumina
2x Ryko
2x Lyla
2x Garoth
1x Ehren
1x Wulf
1x Jain
1x Celestia
1x Honest
3x Judgment Dragon
2x Card Trooper
3x Necro Gardna
1x Bacon Saver
1x Treeborn Frog
1x Zephyros the Elite
1x Spore
1x Dandy
1x Lonefire
2x Mezuki*
2x Plague*
1x Endless Decay* (i used to keep reaper)
1x Gorz

1x Reinforcement of the Army
1x Dark Hole
3x Solar Recharge
1x Charge of the Light Brigade
1x Foolish Burial
1x Monster Reincarnation
1x Burial From DD*

2x Beckoning Light

updates from March build

-fiend comedian (trying to fit it in)

extra will remain the same (unfortunately no trish)

1 gantetsu
1 zenmaines
1 leviair
1 utopia

1 formula
1 Armory Arm
1 catastor
1 librarian
1 gaia (i had orient, i'll try obtaining it again since people gonna spam)
1 black rose
1 arcanite
1 Crimson Blader
1 colossal
1 scrap drag
1 Mist Wurm

this deck can drop quasar in about 1-5% of the games so it's not worth it...


3 mst
3 fossil dyna
3 Fiend Comedian
2 dd crow
3 decree
1 Trap Stun

i'll figure something out, wanted Prohibition in here but nah.

Last format results:

19-0 dn ranked
5 tournaments won irl
0 tournaments topped but not won, i had 3 such events (i either scrub it or i pwn all)

try out the deck before flaming for couple of games
it has to have 45 cards in order to not get deck out

double garoth is highly powerful, searchable via rota, if you manage to hit 3 luminas and a garoth early game you basically won the game, as you have a nice wall to defend you, and you can make a comeback

youtube search for Lightsworn Stun for some example matches, couldn't get any opponents that were stronger except the dragon ruler guy where i clearly lost to a misplay. i'd like to record matches with tier1 decks online tho.

p.s. dont overmill (i tend to leave 5-10 cards in my deck and then stop milling) you don't have a Pot of Avarice anymore

example plays i like

triple lumina + garoth
mill 15, draw something maybe 0-6 cards...
rebuild the field, luminas make a leviair, leviair brings back gardna, it makes zenmaines with the 3rd lumina
you can also bring back wulf or similar for utopia, just to get walled...

set wulf on top for plague
flip ryko for mill, summon wulf
overlay for gachi, plague stays in grave after
tribute wulf for celestia?

or make Crimson Blader and slam into something.

lumina + lv4 Spore = arcanite
summon jd, bounce for zephyros in mp2 to stop mill or in mp1 to make additional summons.
Originally Posted by FalconPunch2k12 View Post
I tried this deck a while back with Quasar. It is inconsistent as ****. Mix in De-Syncro and it makes it even more inconsistent.

Maybe if you had a four leaved clover shoved deep up your *** you could pull this off every other duel. But crap, you would still have a four leaved clover shoved up your ***, so who is really winning?

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Would you not max out on Lyla for the spell/trap removal now that heavy is gone? Other than that, love the build.
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