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Default CEO Amaterasu Deck

Hi! This is my CEO Amaterasu deck profile. This is my real life deck and I am planning on making it into a Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu deck when set 9 comes out in English! Check my Goddess of the sun, Amaterasu deck profile here -> (http://www.pojo.biz/board/showthread.php?t=1134018) Please feel free to leave your opinion in the reply section and give out some advice! This is a very old deck that used to be meta during set 1 and 2 lol, so don't hate on it

Grade 0: (16)

4x Lozenge Magus (Heal/Starter)
4x Psychic Bird (Crit)
2x Oracle Guardian, Nike (Crit)
4x Dream Eater (Draw)
2x Miracle Kid (Draw)
I use Lozenge Magus as a starter because its a great 6k booster early game and can cycle through your deck, but i'm thinking on using Little Witch, Lulu as the starter. I run 6 Crit and 6 Draw. In Tsukuyomi and Coco builds I run 12 crit, but this deck does not have much drawing power (Only Libra, Luck Bird, and Apollon)

Grade 1: (15)
4x Oracle Guardian, Gemini
4x Battle Sister, Chocolat (Perfect Guard)
4x Battle Sister, Cocoa
3x Luck Bird
I run 4 Gemini because he is a great booster overall. I run 4 perfect guards because a couple of reasons. I run psychic bird, Libra, Apollon, CEO, and Luck bird. They all let me draw except CEO, but usually when I see a perfect guard on the top of my deck I will probably throw down a luck bird or a psychic bird to go and grab it. I run 4 Battle Sister, Cocoa because she can also help me check the top of my deck to see if i would like to use a drawing card like luck bird or physic bird to get it, or simply put a card I don't like to the bottom of my deck. I use 3 luck birds because.. lets face it mega blasting is pretty impossible to pull off and I run Libras and Apollons in this deck. And luck bird can help me grab the top card of my deck that I saw with CEO or Cocoa.

Grade 2: (12)
4x Oracle Guardian, Wiseman
3x Silent Toms
3x Maiden of Libra
2x Battle Sister, Mocha
I run 10k Vanillas is this deck because they are great grade 2 rides and nice rearguards. Ive always used 4 Silent Toms in my deck, but it's getting to the point were hes not that needed anymore, but he is still a wonderful card so I run 3 of him. I just don't like running into him all the time. 3 Libra for hand advantage and apply pressure to my opp. And 2 Mocha to hit magic numbers or just hit the mark against 11k vanguards.

Grade 3: (7)
4x CEO Amaterasu
3x Oracle Guardian Apollon
CEO is a great card and Apollon can be a great backup vanguard and a Libra copy at rearguard.

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