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Old 05-28-2013, 01:44 PM   #1
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Exclamation Dragon Rulers are the best deck ever!

Hello fellow Pojoers!

Ever since my Inzektors were destroyed by Konami I had almost given up on the game. I tried Mermails but they were too watery to play. Bear was just a sucky hornet. But then my hopes and dreams came to fruition with the release of the Dragon Rulers!

I have created this thread in order to thank Konami - from the bottom of my heart - for creating the Dragon Rulers!!!!

Konami has done such a good thing for our community by bringing back innovation into the game. For that Konami deserves a thundering applause.

But I wonder why Konami hasn't written even a single article talking about these new dragons. If they are nervous or scared they have absolutely nothing to worry about because the Dragon Rulers are an example of the ideal deck type.

Infact from now on Konami should base all their archetypes on the Dragon Rulers.

Unfortunately my birthday is after the September ban list and I will not be able to get any Dracossacks or Big Eyes......

I hope Konami realizes that the deck lacks enough rank 7 support. Having just 4 rank 7's - of which Number 7 and Gaia Thunder Charger are horrible for the deck - isnt the most ideal situation. Sure there is another rank 7 in the upcoming number hunters set. But Konami needs to start making rank 7 tcg exclusives at a much faster pace. A rank 7 Leviair the Sea Dragon or zenmaines is a good start.

Perhaps additional draw and search support is also in order.

What do you guys think? To what extent do Dragon Rulers deserve additional support and/or TCG exclusives? Because I think they need plenty!
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I am going to take this as a joke as my first reaction.

Might as well post as if you were serious because when it comes to pojo you never really know. I disagree with the need for more support because in my opinion this is the best match deck in the whole format. I don't think it has many downfalls and it doesn't need any help on that front.

Unlike some people, I believe the deck is good for the game while decks like prophecy are a step back.
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vegeta is a troll always has been. so just point and laugh at his stupidity

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did he make the Madolches are the best and Inzectors are the best threads too?
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You want to get 150 dollars worth of cardboard for your birthday?
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SonVegeta, always jumping on the bandwagon of any Idiots-proof-Easy-to-use-derp-broken Meta deck. Then asking for even more broken support

Ignore this thread.
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Originally Posted by SonVegeta View Post
Hello fellow Pojoers!

Ever since my Inzektors were destroyed by Konami I had almost given up on the game.
Aside from the obvious failed attempt to troll, the deck WILL get murdered in september, so you will cry again in that month because KONAMI destroyed the deck you liked again.

And KONAMI doe snot have the balls to post an article about dragon rulers becaus ethey know how overpowered they are and they do not want to promote that deck for locals using as it can ruin the fun for most small sized locals and alot fo people. Thye know that they screwed it up hard with that deck.
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