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Default Machining Megacolony

As the name suggests, I have built a megacolony deck from the new comic styles set, but i am not sure on some things, well, most things really, all help appreciated!

Grade 0
1x Machining Worker Ant
4x Medical Battler, Ranpli - Heal
4x Sharp Nail Scorpio - Critical
4x Shelter Beetle - Critical
4x Raider Mantis - Draw

Grade 1
4x Paralyze Madonna
4x Machining Hornet
3x Machining Mosquito
3x Phantom Black

Grade 2
4x Bloody Hercules
4x Machining Mantis
2x Tail Joe
2x Lady Bomb

Grade 3
4x Machining Stag Beetle
3x Martial Arts Mutant, Master Beetle

Thanks for your help

Updates after reading comments and some other things, thanks all so far ^_^

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might as well use what Megacolony is made for along with the beat down aspect. Add in some Battler B's and the MMA Beetle. As for Stands its up to you IMO IF your main VG is going to be the Stag then yes BUT you'll also want to use the G1 7k that allows you to soulcharge so you can get the most out of it. In my build I jut use 1 Stag the rest are Butterfly and MMA
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Time Psyduck
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You really should have Mosquito in here. You won't soulcharge Machinings all that often, but it's main role is to help ensure you get a machining ride for the stag beetle play, with getting extra machinings being a bonus rather than the point. It also opens up Master Fraude as a tech to put non-Machining card in soul to use.

Water Gang is nice for the draws and pressure, since Machinings themselves don't use counterblasts, though Lady Bomb would also be useful in that slot.

I don't like stands in Machinings. I'd rather have the crits to capitalise on Stag Beetle's high power rides. Stands can give use to whatever gets called out by Stag Beetle, but I'd rather have the crits to take advantage of attacks not being guarded (especially if I ride it turn 3).

Master Beetle is nice for that 11k defence when you can't or would rather not ride Stag Beetle, and is nice in the rearguard both unboosted (when you ride stag beetle and have a resting booster behind it) and against crossrides with all those 7k Machining boosters.
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Updated thanks!
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