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Default New Extra Deck Card-Type - Overload Spells/Traps

Just a quick idea and some comments.

- A Extra Deck card type for both spells & traps.
- For overload traps, cards face-down on the field are sent to the graveyard if they were there for more than 1 turn (ie, set like a normal trap).
- For overload spells, cards in the hand are sent to the graveyard as an activation cost.
- Overload Spells/Traps can be cast any time they could be cast if they were set face-down in your spell/trap card zone.
- Overload Spells can have trap material and Traps can have spell material, but not common.

Fun qualities:
- Pre-Synchro yugioh was great if you had a good mix of spells/traps & monsters. Synchros & Xyz balance out having 'too many' monsters. Overload Spells/Traps balance out having 'too many' spells/traps.
- Provides more of a reason to set spells face-down.


Overload Quick-Play Spell
2 Spell Cards
Discard 1 spell card in your hand; Activate that spell card's effect (The conditions for activating that Spell Card must be me).

Solemn Punishment
Overload Counter Trap
2 Counter Trap Cards
When a monster would be Summoned, OR a Spell/Trap Card is activated: Negate the Summon or activation, and if you do, destroy that card.
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You forgot the "t" in "met", resulting in a pretty funny specification on Quick-Strike

Anyway, I think an Extra Deck Spell/Trap variant is a very good idea for the game, although I'm still not entire sure how I think it ought to be implemented. This is definitely a nifty idea, but I'd like to see more examples of it - the first card is basically a gimmick (though a cool one - being able to make Raigeki a Quickplay is a badass premise) and not especially playable; the second, however, is an absolute boon to Counter Trap based decks, and I think it would work well for the game (because even stally decks trying to 'abuse' it would have to include more actual Counter Traps, meaning they pay in infrastructure and card advantage for what they obtain in power and consistency).

I do, however, think you should change it so that for Overload Spells (as well as for Traps) the cards have to be on the field; discarding from the hand seems so strange when 1) Overload Traps, 2) Synchros, and 3) Xyz Monsters all "tribute" from the field. It wouldn't change much, since you can always just set them before activating it.

But yes, I'd very much like to see more examples of this idea at work.
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