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Cool What's the most profitable yugioh box? Battle Pack Epic Dawn or Star Pack 2013?

Please, no stupid answers. I'm just a guy trying to make a little profit and I can afford to buy a Yugioh booster box of either Battle Pack Epic Dawn or Star Pack 2013. Somebody please tell me which one you believe is the most profitable. I do have a part-time job so please don't comment with "get a job" or anything like that. This question is purely for knowledgeable yugioh players/collectors. Keep in mind I can get a Star Pack 2013 box for Ł25ish and it will cost around Ł55ish for the Battle Pack box.

If you have any other suggestions like say; a different box which you believe I could profit on, then please let me know. My budget is about Ł55-60.

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President Evil
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Out of those two, Battle Pack is the only worthwhile one because of the chance to pull a Forbidden Lance. But if you actually want to make a profit, wait for Hidden Arsenal 7 to be released because you most likely won't make a profit from any other box.
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Yeah. I'd have to go with President Evil on this one. BP:ED was only a profitable box if you got one within the first few weeks of it coming out. Otherwise, it's okay (due to the chances to get Forbidden Lance, TGU, Trag, and the like). Star Pack 2013 is just a terribad box: nothing in the set is worth more than $5, and there are only a few good cards overall. Don't waste your money on that one.

HA07 is the way to go. Also, if you don't feel like waiting (because it only comes out in mid-April), the CBLZ SE box is also not a bad choice, mainly because it consists of a pretty good set and also has two decent promo cards.
Originally Posted by Tetra View Post
"ALL-FOIL deck of Platinum Rares"

Wow. Spellbooks can go home.
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Just save up for an upcoming box. Even then go for singles if you need to profit, chances are you are just gambling on a box.
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Originally Posted by Surik View Post
Chances are you are just gambling on a box.

In terms of profiting, boxes are indeed a gamble because you never know what you're going to get (Accidental Forrest Gump Reference). You could pull some great stuff, otherwise you could pull absolute crap that is worth little to nothing. Some people scale and repack boxes, I vaguely remember someone on eBay having like 20 negatives for doing this.

If you insist on buying a box, generally the latest product may be most profitable for all the hype. Number 53: Heart-eartH is a card I pulled around the time Cosmo Blazer was released, T&T was selling it for about $7.00 and now it's $3.00.
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Don't waste your money on boxes.
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