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Default Trade Thread v8

Mods, please close this thread: -->http://www.pojo.biz/board/showthread.php?t=1103969

Hello, Pojo! Welcome to Edition 8 of my trade thread. For those who haven't seen my previous threads, I am at a boarding high school with access to stamps/standard envelopes during weekdays and a blue mailbox for sending. Please keep this in mind.

I do not ask you to send first if you have more refs than me, however I do ask you to please be patient as my toploaders from previous trades arrive.
Originally Posted by Rules
1. Pojo Rules apply
2. Will not trade outside US.
3. I will only be able to send in a toploader+sleeve combo and standard envelope, if that's not okay with you, then read no further.
4. Feel free to ask about set/condition/edition, I may be doing the same.
5. I won't trade to anyone with negative refs.
6. I am willing to CYL, but as of right now, my budget is tight, and I am pretty much only trading for my wants.
7. If I make an offer to you, I expect a yes/no reply. I don't care if you say no, I respect that, but don't leave me hanging, that prevents me from trading the cards in question to other people.
8. If someone offers a much better deal than yours on a card that I have on hold for you, I may give up the hold. I'd rather get as much as I can for something.
9. This is my thread. I use TCGplayer for prices, and eBay for ghost rares, DT cards, promos, or other cards not on TCGplayer. Don't tell me how much my card is worth unless I am severely overvaluing it. Do NOT tell me you only use TnT, I will not use any values found there.

Originally Posted by Duel Terminal

Originally Posted by Ultimate

Originally Posted by Gold
[color="Yellow"]Mezuki (GLD3)
Gladiator Beast Gyzarus (GLD4)

Originally Posted by Super

Sorcerer of Dark Magic (DPYG)
X-Saber Souza (CT09)
Malefic Truth Dragon (CT09)
R-Genex Ultimum
R-Genex Overseer
Genex Ally Solid x3
Genex Ally Bellflame
Genex Ally Remote
Genex Ally Changer
Steelswarm Moth
Steelswarm Caller
Dark Highlander (CT09)
Blaze Fenix, the Burning Bombardment Bird
Fiend’s Mirror
The Winged Dragon of Ra x3 (ORCS)
Genex Ally Crusher
Machina Cannon x2
Elemental Hero Stratos
The Fabled Peggulsus
Dragunity Javelin
Dragunity Legionnaire
Laval Miller
Laval Warrior
Laval Forest Sprite
Worm Barses
Worm Apocalypse
Dark Magician x2
Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Quick-Span Knight
Kayenn, the Master Magma Blacksmith
Dark Simorgh
Silent Psychic Wizard
Fabled Oltro
Ally of Justice Quarantine
Bowganian (LCYW)
Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys (LCYW)
Fallen Angel of Roses
Warlock of the Ice Barrier
Flamvell Magician
Eclipse Wyvern (SDDC)
Windaar, Sage of Gusto
Inzektor Axe – Zektahawk (ORCS)
Beastly Mirror Ritual
Bound Wand
Machine Duplication (LCYW)
Hero Signal x2
Crystal Raigeki
Battle Mania (CSOC)
Hieratic Seal of Reflection (GAOV)
Hero Blast (RYMP)
Monster Reincarnation
Black Salvo (CSOC)
D. D. Assailant
Synchron Explorer (5DS3)
Pilgrim of the Ice Barrier
Shock Troops of the Ice Barrier
Dragunity Tribus
Fabled Urustos
Gusto Squirro
Infestation Tool
Gishki Emilia
Gishki Vision
Gem-Knight Amber
Gem-Knight Iolite
Gem-Knight Obsidian
Dustflame Blast
Pyroxene Fusion
Worm Opera
Naturia Rock
Naturia Fruitfly

Infernity Barrier (CT09)
Noble Knight Artorigus
Originally Posted by Rare
Junk Defender
Baby Tiragon (PHSW)
Elemental Hero Steam Healer
Legendary Flame Lord
Inzektor Hopper
Evoltile Casinerio
Big Eye
Geargiano Mk-II
Kagetokage x2
Gishki Beast
D.D. Warrior Lady
D.D. Scout Plane
Absorbing Jar x2
Revival Golem
White Night Queen
Dark Blade the Captain of the Evil World
Inzektor Crossbow – Zektarrow
Spellbook of Wisdom
March Towards Ragnarok
Hushed Psychic Cleric
Yubel – The Ultimate Nightmare
Hayabusa Knight
UFO Turtle
Dimension Wall
Charcoal Inpachi
Giant Soldier of Stone
Elegant Egotist
Robbin’ Zombie
Kuriboh LV9&partner=POJO" class="hover" rel="http://www.pojo.biz/board/CardHover/hoverYGO.php?CN=Winged Kuriboh LV9" target="new">Winged Kuriboh LV9
Miraculous Rebirth
ZW – Unicorn Spear
Destiny Hero – Disk Commander
Hieratic Seal of Banishment
Chimeratech Overdragon x2
Over Capacity
Reverse Buster
Magician of Faith
Snake Deity’s Command
Contract with the Abyss
Cyclone Blade
Penalty Game!
Stray Lambs
Talisman of Trap Sealing
Alligator’s Sword
Combination Attack
Array of Revealing Light
Morphtronic Accelerator
Inzektor Orb
Gagaga Gardna
Neo Space
Elemental Hero Necroshade
Elemental Hero Bubbleman
Future Fusion
Fake Hero
Feather Wind
Trap of the Imperial Tomb
Shining Silver Force
The Transmigration Prophecy
Cherry Inmato
Cactus Fighter
The Dark Door
Spirit Reaper
Justice of Prophecy
Spellbook of Eternity x2
Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit
Ninjitsu Art of Duplication
Hieratic Seal of Convocation
Evolsaur Vulcano
Photon Thrasher
Liberator of Wind // Scheherazade, the Teller of 1001 Stories

RC-1 and PC-1 Certified KDE Judge

DN: CaamSerenityOfGusto
Dueling Network In-Game Administrator

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