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Default When Fire King comes out...

When Assault of the Flame King is released

Since Fire King Avatar Fire King Yaksha and Enthusiastic Beastman Wolfberk are both V-Jump cards and who knows when they will be released, what will replace those cards while Fire King players don't have access to them?
I have a couple of questions I want to ask you guys.
  1. What cards will replace Yaksha and Wolfberk?
  2. What Tier will Fire King be?
  3. What cards are the best to side against Fire King?
  4. What cards counter the cards that will be sided against Fire King?
  5. What matchups is Fire King best against?
  6. How will Fire King be nerfed if it does do well?
  7. Will the deck be as populare as Dark World because it's so easy to make?

How my deck list will look like when Assault of the Flame King/Cosmo Blazer is released: http://i.imgur.com/0zDR9.png

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You can play them with Haze-Beasts. The drains, d-prison, etc. screw them over pretty well.

For the rest, thake into consideration all of this:

A) Exclusives/Imports in Cosmo Blazar.
B) 2013 Collection Tin.
C) March Banlist.
D) What is popular/works in Ocg Land doesn't always work here.

All of this unknown, you cannot make assesments about the game without knowing all of this, even then you would need to ignore what the majority of the playerbase is advocating and test things yourself because most people are sheep.
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