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Default Siding for the local Meta

Hey there. So I was just wondering on some opinions on what I should side for the limited meta in my small city.

Right now I'm making a side deck for my Twilight build, so I want stuff that will hurt them while not hurting my deck (Obviously). Merely stating it so I don't get cards suggested that I can't side (i.e. Macro, light imp, shadow imp)

We only get a maximum of say 20 people at a locals, and most of the people run obscure tier 2 decks, so they tend to squish easy without siding.

The decks that consistently top are the following:

1-2 Mermails
1-2 Rabbit
1-2 Wind ups
1 Frog monarch (Surprisingly tops every week, he's a good player though)

Other notables:

1-2 Chaos Dragons/Twilight >:3
1 agents
1 anti meta beast/Skill Drain
1 Heroes

With the lack of machine decks and really no twilight/chaos dragons not including myself since the other guy rarely shows. What are some relevant sides.

I was thinking the following-ish (Amounts need to figured out to to fit under 15):

Trap Stuns
Abyss Dweller

Pulling the Rug
Treeborn (LADD and I don't run much of a back row)

Wind ups
Maxx C
Chain Disappearance
Mischief of the Yokai (works even if milled, mess with xyzing)

Chain Disappearance
Mischief of the Yokai

Other sides:
MSTs, Imperial Iron Wall (Prevention?), DD crow, 3rd Veiler (I main 2), decree

Obviously this goes way over 15, I was just wondering what people thought had the best synergy with lightsworns. I can't run them all.

Thanks for your help.

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Just for discussion sake I say maybe try 2 Mind Crush for Wind-Up,Mermail,Hero,and the Agents.
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Chain disappearance works against WIND-ups too. Just banish their magicians.
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