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Default Number 39: Utopia Deck~With ZWs!

So I'm making this Utopia/ZW deck.


Its a pretty decent deck but it heavily depends on luck and rank 4/5 XYZ summons.

So let me know if there should be any changes.

My first thread!

Monsters 24:
Backup Warrior x1
Cyber Dragon x2
Gagaga Magician x1 (Looks cool)
Gravekeeper's Spy x3 (More Rank 4 summons)
Gravekeeper's Gaurd x1 (Since theres 3 Spys)
Heroic Challenger - Extra Sword (Even more)
Sangan x1 (Searcher)
Summoner Monk x1
Tasuke Knight (Pretty good card)
The Tricky x2 (Reaches for rank 5)
Tragoedia x2 (Stops OTKs and helps XYZ)
ZW-Lightning Blade x1
ZW-Tornado Bringer x1
ZW-Unicorn Spear x1

Spells 12:
Dark Hole x1
Foolish Burial x1 (For Heroic Challenger or to pitch for The Tricky and Summoner Monk)
Heavy Storm x1
Monster Reborn x1
Mystical Space Typhoon x3
Pot of Avarice x1
Pot of Duality x2
Reinforcement of the Army x1
Soul Taker x1

Traps 4:
Royal Decree x3
Xyz Reborn x1 (Allows cool plays!)

Thanks for reading!!!
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You don't really need Decree if you manage to get a 39 out and attach it with either Lightning Blade or Tornado Bringer. I also think you don't have enough monsters that summon other monsters from the deck, like GK Spy does, thus I'd stick with a 20/20 ratio. I believe Unicorn is the best of the ZW cards. I run two so give it a try. I have yet to use Ultimate Shield's eff, but it works great for Abyss Dweller and I rarely worry about Dimensional Prison or BTH. I don't see how Backup Warrior would work with Estelle when she already has 4 other level 5s that are more reliable and Trag. I almost forgot. two 39s and one c39 are perfect if you're using PoA.

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Drop Tasuke Knight for a second monk.

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Default Royal Decree

The reason I run decree is because I'm afraid of bottomless and solemns. Even compulsory when they use it on the summon before I can equip it on
And the thing about running a second monk. Idk since I have very less spells. Might add it when I make a 20/20 version of the deck.
And I'll test it without back up warrior. I run it cuz I have this friend who's a pro deck builder and it worked well for him.
1. Summon monk discard spell for Estelle in def
2. Back up warrior gets summoned, than xyz for some rank 5
I guess its very conditional to summon him

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wind ups + ZWs = best C39 deck

I'm Ami
Hazey on DN <3
Originally Posted by Tetra View Post
FitzC is one of the best posters in this forum.
Originally Posted by Crucify View Post
You should apply for a position as a Konami card designer.
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If you have 2 free slots in your Extra Deck:
You can try to switch both "The Tricky" with 2 "Instant Fusion"s. Then add 1 Level 4 and 1 Level 5 Fusion monster that can be Special Summoned via Instant Fusion. Sure you have to pay 1000 LP, but Instant Fusion will give you flexibility between Rank 4/5, you don't have to discard, and didn't take your Normal Summon (You will want to Normal Summon Estelle Drawn).
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Evol Lover
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Try this. This is the ZW deck I have been using.

x2 Tornado Bringer
x2 Unicorn Spear
x2 Lightning Blade

x3 Aster Drawn
x3 Goblindbergh
x1 Extra Sword
x2 Summoner Monk

x2 Instant Fusion
Heavy Storm
Mind Control
Dark Hole
Pot of Avarice
x2 Upstart Goblin
Monster Reborn
x3 MST

x2 Mirror Force
x2 Bottomless
x2 DPrison
x2 Compulsory
x1 Call Of The Haunted

Karbonala Warrior and Giltia The D Knight in the extra deck. Hope I helped
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Originally Posted by Evol Lover View Post
x2 Tornado Bringer
x2 Unicorn Spear
x2 Lightning Blade
Having more than 1 lv ZWs, I dunno gets dead hands since Lion Arms will search for them. The Instant Fusion I'll test and thanks for the help. I might later on post an updated version of the deck
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Originally Posted by FitzC. View Post
wind ups + ZWs = best C39 deck
Or Constellars.
Originally Posted by xTenraix View Post
I wish people wouldn't talk in absolutes when they're actually filthy casuals who know nothing at all.
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