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Default Oooh, shiny! ~ Heraldic Beasts

Well, I've been planning on building these guys since I saw them in the OCG, and now they've finally been released on DN! Links to most of the new cards are provided.

x Cyber Dragon
xxx Heraldic Beast Aberconway
xxx Heraldic Beast Basilisk
xxx Heraldic Beast Eale
xxx Heraldic Beast Leo
xx Heraldic Beast Twin-Head Eagle
xx Heraldic Beast Unicorn

xx Advanced Heraldry Art
x Book of Moon
x Dark Hole
x Heavy Storm
xx Mystical Space Typhoon
x Pot of Duality
xxx Reborn Heraldry

xx Bottomless Trap Hole
xx Compulsory Evacuation Device
xxx Heraldry Change (wicked card)
x Solemn Judgement
xx Solemn Warning
xx The Huge Revolution Is Over

x Abyss Dweller
x Gagaga Cowboy
x Gem-Knight Pearl
x Kachi Kochi Dragon
x Maestroke, the Symphony Djinn
x Number 16: Shock Master
x Number 39: Utopia
x Number 50: Blackship of Corn
x Number 69: God Medallion, Coat of Arms
xx Number 8: Heraldic King Genome-Heritage
x Number 9: Dyson Sphere
x Photon Papilloperative
x Steelswarm Roach
x Vylon Disigma

xx Effect Veiler
xx Puppet Plant
x Monster Reborn
x Mystical Space Typhoon
x Pot of Duality
xx System Down
x Tannhauser Gate
xx Dark Bribe
xxx Macro Cosmo

I'd like this to be as competitive as possible, thanks for any help!
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