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Default Mermail Abyssmegalo

So it's special summon by discarding 2 water monsters and when it's special summoned like that, I get to add an "Abyss-" spell or trap card to my hand. Question is I dunno if they have the TCG rulings or not but is the special summon a summoning condition like Moulinglacia where TKRO can negate it or is Abyssmegalo's Special Summon an ignition effect since it's effect goes off right after it's special summoned that way
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Abyssmegalo has colons ( : / ; ) in its summoning procedure, so rai oh can't negate it.

Monsters summoned by effects that use the chain cannot have their summon negated.

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Originally Posted by Dark Evangel
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OP, learn to PCCT.
"You can discard 2 other WATER monsters; Special Summon" means that it is an Ignition effect. You reveal it in your hand and discard 2 other WATERs. Your opponent can respond, and if it is not negated, Abyssmegalo is summoned.
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