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Silent Warrior
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Default Yancy/Curtis

Hi! I want to get a Spiritomb in my Black 2 and the only place I can get it is from Yancy after completing the quest of calls with her.

What I want to know is, after meeting her once at the Ferris Wheel in Nimbasa City, can you call her 51 times in a row in the same day and go make a trade with her right away, or do you have to wait a whole day per call?

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I'm pretty sure you have to wait a day to call her every time, I tried calling again and it wouldn't work.
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for the trading is 1 call a day but b4 that i have call curtis several times in the same day, i have yet to compleate the 50 though
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Acts of Remorse
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Default Yancy Help.

Once you have had 10 phone calls, they will call you and arrange to meet in Nimbasa City. They will meet you outside the Ferris Wheel and talk to you there. After that, they will register themselves in your Xtransceiver, however they will only appear in certain areas randomly, the same areas as above, but not limited to a single tile.

As you call them, you will have many conversations about a variety of subjects. On the 30th call they'll tell you they want to meet at Nimbasa City where they'll ride the Ferris Wheel with you. Call them to total 50 times, in the 40th call they'll be 'SOUND ONLY', in the 50th call they'll be wearing their work clothes, and cut the line in a second or so.

Once you have called them 51 times, you can meet them outside of the Ferris Wheel where they will trade. They have a variety of Pokémon, whose species depends upon the gender of the character. All these Pokémon have their Hidden Abilities and most aren't available in the Unova Region. You can repeat trades one a day, even repeating the species of the Pokémon.

After, you should be able to go to the areas she called you from and if her number appears you will be able to call her. This adds up and occasionally an event with her comes up. The call zones are selected at random and can sometimes appear in the same zone twice.

Cited from Serebii.net

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you can also get spiritomb fairly easily from dream radar if you're playing on a 3ds.

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SilverBlade S.
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I already met with Curtis in Nimbasa, but I can't find him on the Xtranceiver. I called him once but now it won't scroll to where his name should be. Does anyone know why?
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