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Default registeel ex/cobalion metal control deck

alright, so here's the deck i've been working on for my locals (we have no format restrictions other than post-fossil) and i don't think i'll competitively play pokemon above the local level, so i'm not worried about my deck being up to date with the format

that being said, i would like some advice on what to do to make this deck more competitive, as i'm still relatively new to the game...i'll go ahead and give you guys my decklist

pokemon - 29
4 - skarmory (undaunted)
2 - registeel ex (dragons exalted)
3 - cobalion (noble victories)
2-2 claydol (promo league)
3-3-2 flygon (rising rivals)
3-3-2 kinklang (B&W base set)

trainers - 17
2 - potion
4 - bebe's search
4 - level ball
2 - eviolite
1 - luxury ball
4 - max potion

energy - 14
4 - DCE
4 - special metal energy
6 - metal energy

so, now on to the mechanics of the deck...

skarmory is the ideal first play of the deck, with a registeel or cobalion on the bench. skarmory will energy ramp the registeel/cobalion for attacking @ 80+ damage as early as the 2nd turn

skarmory can search out special metal energies, so it will boost the defensive abilities of whichever beatstick you come out with first

cobalion will wreak havok with its iron breaker ability, and evolite and special metal energy will stack to create a nearly impenetrable wall (especially after registeel boosts itself with protect charge)

now on to support pokemon

flygon is in there because its a good all around pokemon (imo) its ability gives all my pokemon a retreat cost of 0, it can swing for 80-100 (depending on how many evolved pokemon i have out at the time) and it can deal with stadiums if need be

klinklang is really good in this deck, because it can combo well with flygon, retreating one pokemon for free, then supplying another with ample energy to begin attacking straight away. it also combos well with max potion, taking the energy off until its healed, then putting them back on.

claydol is one of my favorite pokemon in the game due to its ability to filter whatever you don't need and then draw your hand back to 6, making it so you can use all the trainers you wish every turn, and finding the pokemon you need. this is the reason i run 4 level ball, to get claydol out ASAP to begin drawing like crazy to set up ALL my combos early. the fact that you draw to 6 basically ignores the cost of bebe's search too.

i think everything else is pretty much self-explanitory, basically, i get out cards that mess up my opponent that are really hard to hit, then if they get low on hp, i can use a max potion without discarding the energies OR switch it out for free. skarmory lets me get set up with pleanty of energy (including special metal energy) really quickly. claydol lets me set up fast as well, and flygon/klinklang make sure i don't lose the advantage i gain

well...lemme know what you think, and also, if there's a cheap replacement to max potion out there, lmk (i don't really wanna spend $20 on max potions, but if theres nothing else out there...i will do what i must....those are the last 4 cards i need to complete the deck irl)
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