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Default Yugioh Cube Draft

SIGNUPS WILL BE OPEN UNTIL JULY 16, 2012. DRAFT DATE: JULY 18, 2012 (subject to change)

tl;dr version: wanna draft a yugioh cube? reply here. want details? keep reading

Since this is the first time i've ever tried setting up one of these online, I would like some input on the ruleset from fellow players.

Oh, and please spread the word. If you know anyone that has some sort of interest please tell them to come here.

A popular casual format in MtG, A "cube" is a collection of the most popular cards in a TCG, specifically used for drafting. I was wondering if the pojo community would have some sort of interest in holding a little tournament with the cube that I have in real-life.

How it works
The draft style that will be used is known as a "rooster" draft, in which pre-determined packs of cards from the cube will be selected by players one at a time, instead of having to select one single card at a time. The number of packs and the number of cards in a pack will be determined by the number of people performing:

6-8 players: 10 cards/pack
9-10 players: 8 cards/pack
11+ players: 6 cards/pack

Tournament Format
The tournament style will also depend on the number of players and what the fellow playerbase wants to see. I would like to do a simple single-elimination if we get a round number, but swiss and round robin tournaments are a possibility if the numbers forces us to do so.

The Cube itself
I would describe my cube as a "best cards in yugioh" cube. The cube contains 720 of the best cards in Yugioh, including cards banned in advanced format

*link to current list to follow, have to remove pet cards/errata'd cards that i use with my friends*


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Maybe you should state where it will be held at or have I missed it?
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Depends on the number of people joining and when they are available. I'll edit the OP on the provisional date when im on an actual computer
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I'd like to participate in this, if you don't mind
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Lol another Magic The Gathering aspect in yugioh
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