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Wrath is just really niceWrath is just really niceWrath is just really niceWrath is just really niceWrath is just really nice
Default Airblade Turbo

This is just a deck a made for Dueling Network's new 'Unlimited' section, haven't lost with it yet with exception for FTKs.

Monsters: 15

1 Jinzo
2 Destiny Hero - Dasher
3 Destiny Hero - Malicious
3 Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude
3 Elemental Hero Stratos
3 Dark Magician of Chaos

Spells: 25

2 Raigeki
2 Premature Burial
3 Pot of Greed
3 Graceful Charity
3 Dimension Fusion
3 Reasoning
3 Monster Gate
3 Magical Stone Excavation
3 Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade

Extra Deck: 15

1 Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis
1 Inzektor Exa-Beetle
2 Constellar M7
3 Photon Strike Bounzer
3 Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger
1 Number 16: Shock Master
2 Blade Armor Ninja
2 Heroic Champion Excalibur

Side Deck: 15

3 Fiber Jar
3 Neko Mane King
3 Royal Oppression
3 Royal Command
3 Ceasefire
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Vala is just really niceVala is just really niceVala is just really niceVala is just really niceVala is just really nice

You would be better off modifying it to incorporate Premature Burial FTK.
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Needs Droll & Lock Bird to stop FTKs. My FTK even runs it just for the occasion where I mirror match an FTK.
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