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Default Evilswarm deck

Mainly postig this here because its the only fun deck i created that is actually competitive(or i am extremely lucky games in dn).

Usually this deck is based around ophion which stops any lvl 5 or higher special summons and is also easily immune to most effects since i usually use his 1st material to get infestation pandemic infection.

Bahamut also helped me sometimes to win fast and otking by stealing and having 3 monsters to direct attack

And 2 level 4 evilswarm monsters is really easy to get with so much support, plus castor is insanely useful if you get him at the first turn

some monster effects are also insanely useful to destroy threats like big monsters or spell cards... i dont know why so many people dont play this deck though, evilswarm seem quite competitive at answering most threats

3x evilswarm castor
2x evilswarm azathoth
2x evilswarm freis
2x evilswarm ketos
3x evilswarm mandrago
3x evilswarm olanta
2x evilswarm Salamandra
2x evilswarm thunderbird
3x evilswarm zahhak

1x allurre of darkness
1x Dark Hole
1x Heavy Storm
3x infestation pandemic infection
1x Monster Reborn
2x Pot of Duality

2x Dark Bribe
2x Dark Illusion
2x infestation collapse
1x Mirror Force
1x solemn judgement
2x xyz reborn

2x evilswarm bahamut
3x evilswarm ophion
2x evilswarm ouroboros
2x evilswarm thanatos
2x number 16: shock strike
1x number 32: shark drake
2x Number 39: Utopia
1x number 50: black corn
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